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10 Best Ways to Make Money From an RV

You have an RV. The monthly payments are sent off on time. The RV sits there in your driveway.

Sound familiar? RVs are one of those things that are fun to have, but aren’t always used to their full potential. If you haven’t taken nearly as many trips since acquiring your recreational vehicle as you may have planned, consider using your RV for a lucrative side hustle! Here are the 10 best ways to make money from an RV.

1. Rent out your RV

People have made a killing renting out their cars and even their homes, so why not rent out your RV? Thanks to websites like RV Share, RV owners can loan out their RVs for upwards of $150 per night. More unique RVs, such as Airstreams and retro campers, can bring in even more per night. Granted, renting out your RV does come with some drawbacks. Additional insurance is likely required on any RV you routinely rent out. If you use your RV often, you’ll also have to remove your personal possessions any time you book a new rental.

2. Give a dog a ride

Every day, hundreds of people move to a new state or even across the country. In many cases, those people bring their beloved pets. Unfortunately, moving a pet a long distance is not as easy as it is to move, say, a sofa — but that’s where you and your RV can profit. Put a crate or two in your RV, then sign up as a driver with a company like Citizen Shipper. Pet lovers can find your profile, then hire you to transport their dog or cat to their new destination. This is especially beneficial for owners of short-snouted dogs which are not considered safe to fly, owners of pit bull-type dogs which are discriminated against by many airlines, and owners who want an alternative to the stress of airline travel.

3. Turn your RV into a moving billboard

If you’re driving your RV around the country anyway, why not get paid for it? Companies like Carvertise make it easy to do just that. The website connects drivers of cars and RVs with companies looking to expose their brands in unique ways, including placing advertisements on cars (Amazon, Crayola, and EA Sports are just a few of Carvertise’s clients). Campaigns are temporary, and all signage is removed for the RV owner at the end.

4. Start Instagramming!

Making money on Instagram isn’t necessarily an easy task — after all, there are 800 million monthly active users, and if it were easy, everyone would be doing it! For those who remain dedicated to the job, however, Instagram can prove to be an excellent little side hustle. The first step is to gain committed followers via quality interesting posts. If you’re driving around the country in your RV, that step shouldn’t be too difficult! As you gain more followers, start connecting with companies and brands that will pay you to make a sponsored post. While some of these companies and brands might pay you outright, others will offer free hotels, excursions, etc. in exchange for you mentioning them to your many social media followers.

5. Ride share

Although you probably won’t find driving your massive RV around town like a typical Uber or Lyft to be too profitable, ride sharing can still be a great way to make money from an RV. Websites such as Share Your Ride, Ridesharing, and Carpool World connect drivers in the United States and Canada with those needing rides to just about anywhere. Ride sharing can be an especially nice side hustle during the holidays, when college kids and those who prefer not to fly need to get to wherever home may be.

6. Give tours

If you really have the entrepreneurial spirit, why not use your RV to conduct tours of a place you know well? For example, if you are well acquainted with Joshua Tree National Park, you might find it quite lucrative to shuttle small groups safari style through the park’s must-see sites. Of course, this side hustle requires a bit of research. Not only will you need to be sure to have all of the proper documents, certifications, and insurance policies in place, you will also need to ensure your RV is safely set up to transport a group.

7. Party bus!

Party buses are big business! If you own an RV, consider offering it as an alternative to the typical bus or stretch limo. Potential clients might include birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette groups, or friends on a wine- or bourbon-tasting excursion. As with many of the ideas on our list of the best ways to make money from an RV, always be sure to have the proper insurance and certifications before turning your recreational vehicle into a party bus.

8. Shuttle around the Amish

If you live in a place with an Amish population, you’ve probably seen them out and about around the local stores. Especially in winter, the Amish often hire rides to get them and their purchases to and from the grocery and department store. If you own an RV, setting up a ride once or twice a week may prove to be a great way to make money from your recreational vehicle. If you’re not in an area with an Amish population, the same idea can apply to other groups: senior citizens, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, or homeschooling groups, for example.

9. Rent it out for tailgating

Die-hard fans of sports teams will be the first to tell you that tailgating requires some serious dedication: early morning parking, lots of team decor, and even more team spirit. Wouldn’t all of that be so much easier (and more fun!) with an RV? Recreational vehicle owners can rent out their RV to college groups (sororities, spirit squads, etc.) and families for their tailgating adventures. Allow the renters to drive the RV to the stadium themselves, or park it for them and pick it up once they’ve cleared out.

10. Live in it

Okay, so this one is less about making money, and more about saving money. Between advocates of tiny homes and millennials living off the side hustle, living in an RV is becoming surprisingly popular. Well, comparatively. Whether you park your RV on a friend’s property or travel full-time around the country, living out of an RV usually doesn’t require the same cost as living in an apartment or single-family home. Plus, it’s more fun.