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Top 10 Books About RV Solo Travel

By BRVR Staff
June 2019

This article reviews the top 10 books about solo RV travel available online.

Long-term surface traveling in an RV can be a liberating and life-enriching experience. But it’s often marketed as a pastime for individuals who are seeking to fill their post-retirement years and share experiences with their spouse. Solo travel in an RV, either as a retiree or even during what we think of as years dedicated to social and professional productivity, can be incredibly rewarding. We’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite books that provide useful information and points of interest for individuals who’d like to experience a solo mobile lifestyle.

1. The Intrepid Woman’s Guide to Van Dwelling, by Jess Ward

The Intrepid Woman’s Guide to Van Dwelling - Books About RV Solo Travel

Women in many cultures are discouraged from traveling alone. Fear of assault and potential for failure are two of the biggest tools used to keep single ladies at home. But Ward offers a host of information designed to help single women liberate their inner gypsy. She provides safety and hygiene information, offers pointers on how to select the best RV or travel van, decorating tips to create a cozy, personal space for oneself, and even points of advice on how to maintain an income while on the road.

2. Solo Full-Time RVing on a Budget, by Becky Schade

Solo Full-Time RVing on a Budget - Books About RV Solo Travel

Not only do you not have to wait until you’re old enough to collect social security each month, but you can enjoy the freedom of a full-time life on the road while working full-time. Schade provides a host of information designed to help those still active in the workforce take to the open road as single individuals. From safety information and budgeting tips to how to select the right RV for your needs, she provides a practical guide based on her own personal experience during more than two years as a footloose young woman.

3. Full-Time RV Living, by Jerry Minchley

Full-Time RV Living - Books About RV Solo Travel

As a single person, there are many instances that can arise on the road that you’ll have to handle by yourself. This in itself can be daunting to contemplate, but Minchley’s book provides a handy guide to troubleshoot most of the common conundrums you’ll encounter. Even when considering which RV is right for you, you can err on the side of too much vehicle. The book provides tips for selecting the right RV, information on maintenance and safety on the road, and information most only have access to while a situation is unfolding.

4. RV Guide to Camping in Arizona State Parks, by Jackie Brochman

RV Guide to Camping in Arizona State Parks - Books About RV Solo Travel

It may seem a bit on the nose, but detailed, region-specific resource guides like Brochman’s can save money, time, and headaches. Find the right campsites that are safe, have the services you need, and the camping companions you want. A safe place to rest your head is half of the battle when it comes to solo travel in an RV. It also offers the proximity of grocery stores, shops, repair services, and other vital resources for each park.

5. For Women Only, by Margo Armstrong

For Women Only - Books About RV Solo Travel

This three-book collection is a goldmine of information specifically tailored to help women realize the dream of independent life on the road. Beginning with how to select the perfect RV for your needs, whether from a local seller or at a distance, Armstrong provides focused, helpful information. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge compiled over 22 years on the road, she provides pointers and guidance for selecting the right camping sites or RV communities for individual tastes and needs, maintenance and resource advice, healthcare options, and even working on while traveling.

6. Motorhome and RV Retirement Living, by Jerry Minchley

Motorhome and RV Retirement Living - Books About RV Solo Travel

While common wisdom advises seniors who are on their own to hunker down and stay put, Minchley’s guide provides a host of information that will liberate the single traveler in their golden years. He provides tips on how to budget with a limited income, resources tailored to specific tastes and needs, such as which camping and community sites permit a towed vehicle along with the RV and which have amenities included at or nearby the site. He also provides a helpful guide for something many older people worry about—how to pare down personal possessions for a full-time mobile lifestyle.

7. RVing: Less Hassle—More Joy, by Jerry Minchley

RVing: Less Hassle—More Joy - Books About RV Solo Travel

Although he’s written several books about how to live on the road full-time, in this text, Minchley primarily devotes space to exploring how to maximize short-term fun with an RV. This is a great resource for the single traveler who wants to get more out of their time on the road but will ultimately return to their home base.

8. Travels With Maggie, by Pat Bean

Travels With Maggie - Books About RV Solo Travel

The travel memoir is an established form, but a realm traditionally dominated by the male voice. While it chronicles the journey of Pat with a daughter through 23 states and parts of Canada, the insights and philosophical questions she explores hold value for every woman traveler, even those who are contemplating a solitary sojourn.

9. Young RVers, by Jerry Minchley

Young RVers - Books About RV Solo Travel

Instead of reserving RV journeys for grandma and grandpa, this text focuses on how RVing can benefit younger generations of travelers. Long-term travel of this sort requires less financial capital, but more philosophical and ideological adjustments, greater planning, and more elaborated problem-solving skills than your standard bricks-and-mortar existence. Minchley provides tips and advice on how to earn a living, maintain a vehicle, and find the most suitable places to stay while traveling.

10. Secrets to Living in an RV, by Joe Kandell

Secrets to Living in an RV - Books About RV Solo Travel

For individuals who have no experience with even short-term RV travel, this is a great guide to ensure a comfortable and safe life on the road. Traveling alone bears its own difficulties, such as problem-solving resources or distance one can travel in a day. But there are also incredible benefits. In his guidebook, Kandell provides basic troubleshooting for every situation from buying an RV to finding the right community or campground that has the services you need.

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