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Top 10 Best Books About Boondocking

By BRVR Staff
May 2019

This article reviews the top 10 books about boondocking available online.

The best books about boondocking can introduce you to a whole new world of camping. This term refers to those who enjoy dry camping with limited amenities. Instead of staying in a campground with hookups for power and water, you might spend some time in the wild without any amenities and rely only on those in your RV. Boondocking enthusiasts will use some amenities if they are available to make their trips a little more pleasant. No matter how prepared you feel for the road ahead or how many times you go over a packing list, you should still take a look at the top 10 best books about boondocking.

1. RV Living: Complete Motorhome Guide About Full-Time RV Lifestyle

RV LIVING: Complete Motorhome Guide About Full-time RV Lifestyle  -  Books About Boondocking

Available in a paperback format and for Kindle readers, this book offers a good look at the boondocking lifestyle. It includes a section with nearly 100 tips for living on the road and sections on buying your next RV and how to handle your finances. If you want to find ways to make money as you travel, you can use the section on earning a living in an RV. It also includes tips on keeping your family safe.

2. The Complete Book of Boondock RVing: Camping Off the Beaten Path

The Complete Book of Boondock RVing: Camping Off the Beaten Path  -  Books About Boondocking

Though you may want to stay in RV parks that offer power hookups and clean showers, this book will introduce you to some of the joys of boondocking. It goes over some of the benefits of boondocking, including how you can get away from the crowds and enjoy some quiet. You’ll learn what campers mean when they say they want to go off the grid and how you can manage both your time and your resources when amenities aren’t available.

3. Boondockbob’s Guide to RV Boondocking

Boondockbob’s Guide to RV Boondocking  -  Books About Boondocking

Bob Difley, the author behind this book, often uses the nickname, Boondock Bob. He has more than four decades of camping experience and wants to pass his knowledge onto those with an interest in boondocking. The book talks about some of the National Parks that you might stay at and how you can get the peace and quiet that you want in areas within those parks. It also includes tips on how you can find new places to camp.

4. Boondocking: Finding a Perfect Campsite on America’s Lands

BOONDOCKING: Finding a Perfect Campsite on America's Public Lands - Books About Boondocking

The author of this book spent more than 45 years traveling by RV before deciding to write about his experiences. He shares some of the same tips and information that others learn when they attend one of his lectures. You’ll learn how to find public lands that let you camp for free or a reduced cost and what you need to bring on your trip. It also goes over the safety tips that you should follow when driving and camping.

5. RV Boondocking for Beginners

RV Boondocking for Beginners - Books About Boondocking

If you’re on the hunt for DIY tips that you can use before and during your RV trip, this might be the best boondocking book for you. It shows you how you can live full-time in a motorhome and make that vehicle feel like home. You can pick up tips on how to scale down your home to fit in an RV and how you can reduce your utility usage while on the open road and in campgrounds.

6. RV Lifestyle Guide

RV Lifestyle Guide: A Complete Travel Book to Full Time RV Motorhome Living and Camping - Books About Boondocking

This book serves as a complete travel guide for those who want to try boondocking. It introduces you to some of the concepts and ideas that you never thought about and shows you how living on the road is different from living in a traditional house. The book helps you decide if your family would really be comfortable in an RV and how you can make that vehicle feel like home. It also includes tips on maintaining your RV and traveling with pets.

7. Snowbird Guide to Boondocking in the Southwestern Deserts

Snowbird Guide to Boondocking in the Southwestern Deserts - Books About Boondocking

Snowbirds often head south to experience the warm climates rather than the ice and snow back home. This boondocking guide introduces you to the concept of camping and traveling through the southwest by motorhome or RV. It goes over the benefits of camping in California and other states during the wintertime and gives some reasons to stick around after winter passes. This book also includes locations where you can camp on public lands for free.

8. RV Living: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Full-Time RV Life

RV LIVING: An Ultimate Beginner's Guide To The Full-time RV Life - Books About Boondocking

Whether you have a travel trailer you’ll tow behind a truck or a large RV, this book can help you learn more about boondocking. It comes packed with more than 110 tips on adjusting to living in an RV and how you can take care of your finances. You’ll also learn how to stay comfortable on the road.

9. RV Living for Beginners

RV Living For Beginners - Books About Boondocking

Filled with hacks and tips, this is the ultimate guide for beginners who are new to boondocking. This is the second volume in the series and includes more information than the first volume does. Not only will you learn about the different types of vehicles and how to maintain one, but you’ll also learn how to keep your family safe and how to choose a campsite.

10. RV Living: The Naked Hippies Way

RV LIVING: The Naked Hippies Way: Books About Boondocking

The title of this book will grab your attention right away, but you’ll want to keep reading to find useful information for your next trip. This fun book includes nearly 40 color photos that the authors took on some of their trips and tips on how you can stop putting off your trip and begin planning today. It teaches you how you can save on camping costs and battle the winter months while sticking to your budget.

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