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Top 10 Best RV Mattresses

Sorting through all of the RV mattresses on the market can be a time-consuming task. This list covers ten of the most popular options available.

These mattresses cover every possible option you could want in a camping mattress, including memory foam, polyurethane, pillow top or cooling gel. You can also compare firm, medium-firm and soft mattress options and see products for queen, king or twin beds.

Whether you’re on the road one weekend a year or live in your RV, you deserve a comfortable, affordable mattress. With this list, you can find one.

BEST 2 REST Memory Foam Mattress, Cot size 30×74, 10 inch, for RV, Camping, Guest, and Daybed mattress


With 8 inches of supportive foam underneath 2 luxurious inches of soft memory foam, you’re going to get a good night’s sleep. BEST 2 REST has included cooling gel technology in these mattresses so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature all night long. These low-cost RV mattresses are made entirely in the United States and are completely free of formaldehyde and flame retardants.

The Mobile Outfitters 258697 Hide-A-Bed Mattress, 48″ x 72″


You and your guests will love the soft core of these mattresses. They’re one foot thick, giving you plenty of comfortable padding to enjoy a deep sleep throughout the night. These affordable RV mattresses weigh only 12 pounds, making them easy to move around or flip over.

Sleep Revolution 10″ Pillow Top iCoil Spring RV Mattress – Short Queen


This is the best RV mattress for those who need a firm, supportive place to sleep. The pillow top covering keeps you comfortable while the internal springs prevent you from sinking down.

Twin XL 5 Inch Firm Conventional Polyurethane Foam RV/Truck Mattress Bed Cushion USA Made


For a cheap RV mattress topper, this product packs a lot of value. You can make any sleeping area comfortable by adding this 5-inch polyurethane topper. It firms up old, sagging mattresses but is flexible enough to conform to your body. Plus, each topper is made completely in the United States from eco-friendly materials.

Denver 326391 Short Queen Size RV Supreme Euro Top Mattress with Radius Corners White


Denver makes some of the top RV mattresses on the marketplace with their unique construction methods. You get a high-density 1.8-pound foam core topped by a soft, European design. This mattress is covered by a high-end knit topper that feels great against your skin. Because this is a queen mattress, Denver designed it to absorb motion so you won’t be woken up by your partner’s tossing and turning.

10 Inch Short Queen Cool Sleep Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Premium Textured 8-Way Stretch Cover for Campers, RVs and Trailers


Mattresses, motorhomes and memory foam: Three things that should always be together. These mattresses for RVs, campers and trailers feature gel-based memory foam that you’ll love sleeping on. Each mattress is made in the United States and features a stretch cover for protection.

10-Inch King MEDIUM-FIRM Memory Foam Short Mattress for RV, Camper


These heavy-duty memory foam mattresses weigh almost 80 pounds. They’re perfect for keeping in the family camper for years because their dual-layer foam construction will keep you comfortable for years. You might not want to go back to your regular bed after trying these! Plus, when you purchase one of these mattresses for campers, you get two free pillows, making this a great deal.

Parklane Mattresses “The Journey” Short Queen RV Mattress – 60″ x 74″


A quality mattress is the most important item on your shopping list of RVing or camping supplies. Parklane’s queen-sized RV mattress is a great choice for your next great adventure. With its Bonnell coil system and gel memory foam topper, you’ll feel great every day of your journey.

The RV Layover Dual Sided Economical Medium-Firm FoamBunk Mattress, 75″ X 30″ X 5″


When you’re putting together your RV supplies, don’t forget to purchase a great mattress. This affordable option features medium-density memory foam and a removable, machine-washable cover.

DynastyMattress Deluxe 10-Inch Memory Foam Short Mattress for RV, Camper-QUEEN


This luxury RV mattress comes with 3 inches of memory foam, two free foam pillows and a 3-inch polyurethane base. They give you enough support to feel rested but is soft enough for light sleepers. These RV mattresses have a 120-day trial.

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