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Top 10 Best RV Roof Fans

Thanks for joining us and feel free to read on as we review some of the best RV roof fans currently available!

Recreational vehicles, or RV’s are a considerable staple to sightseeing, travel, and personal accommodations on the go. With them, the proud owners of RV’s today are thus able to enjoy life on the road unlike anything most other people have ever experienced. To keep that RV running smoothly and as comfortably as possible though, there are many RV supplies and mechanical components onboard that must be obtained and/or maintained.

Here, we take a closer look at RV vent fans specifically. Where price and features are simultaneously considered, what are the best buys right now? Where can you go to find them? Let’s get straight to the top ten vent fans for RVs, and get you the clarity you need to make that important purchase.

Fan-Tastic 801251


The model 801251 is solid, lifetime guarantee-backed choice provided by Fan-tastic. This unit keeps the air moving with a quiet, 12-volt, 3-speed fan housed within a sturdy, polycarbonate dome. Reverse the blades as necessary too for extra function. In addition, this unit is designed for very little amp-draw, meaning for even more reliability in daily use.

Maxxair 00-04000K


For those in search of relatively low-cost RV roof fans that don’t sacrifice reliability and function, the model 00-04000K by Maxxair is a big winner. Set to easily install to all, standard RV rooftop openings, this Maxxair flush-mounts with keypad controls and an optional remote control for operation. Run the unit open or closed, and adjust speeds and direction as needed.

Fan-Tastic 807350


Fan-Tastic’s 807350 lineup of RV vent fans provides perfect, automated function at a more than reasonable price point. The 807350 is completely controllable via an intuitive remote control device, however, the unit also provides some automatic, smart functionality to the delight of many users as well. When rain is sensed or the unit is simply commanded to turn on or off, it will open or close accordingly and all by itself. Low amp-draw also ensures smooth, continued operation.

Ventline RV Roof Vent


Those looking for solid and basic, yet highly affordable RV roof fans are usually quite well suited to Ventline’s RV Roof Vent. This kit provides everything needed to install the solid fan housing and fan system itself into any, standard RV rooftop opening. The fan lid is wedge-shaped, aerodynamic, and strong, just as the mounting itself. The fan itself runs at 12-volts and completes this 6lb power package.

Heng’s 90043-CR Vortex


Appropriately named, the Vortex by Heng’s is a great choice in surprisingly cheap RV roof fans that move air remarkably well. Weighing in at 3.7lbs total weight, this unit is ultra light considering the air movement facilitated. It is also a 12-volt, non-folding unit that is highly weather resistant, ready for the open road in all conditions.

Heng’s Universal Camper/Trailer Roof Vent


At it again, Heng’s brings us another of today’s, top RV roof fans. Heng’s Universal Camper/Trailer Roof Vents are built around the focus of interchangeability, being able to be utilized as roof fans for RVs, enclosed trailer circulation systems, and even roof fans for campers of all sorts. This unit comes in a low-profile white, running at 12-volts with a powerful, wind-moving, 12” fan blade spread.

Fan-Tastic 801200

Showing a notable bit of dominance in this particular market, Fan-Tastic makes our list again with its sleek yet powerful, 801200 model. This model is made of solid construction, using ABS plastics and other high quality materials. It also operates manually with three, separate fan speeds powered by a reliable, brushless motor. In addition, the low-profile, shortened build of the 801200 is great for vertically-demanding camping supplies and other tall-fitting wares that may be riding along as well.

Maxxair 00-05100K


The Maxxair 00-05100K is undeniably one of the best RV ceiling fans that is also quite reasonably priced. Some of this unit’s fancy features include a streamlined rain guard, intuitive, ceiling-based controls, 10 fan speeds among intake and exhaust functions, a notably durable construction, and more. For more automatic interfacing, the unit also has a built-in thermostat.

Fan-Tastic 5000RBT


The 5000RBT is a versatile unit by Fan-Tastic, providing suitability for professional truck cab installation as well camper and RV ceiling installation. A strong, black lid and pro-grade mount kit position this 12-volt, multi-speed unit for reliable circulation time and time again.

CPW Ceiling Vent Fan

CPW Ceiling Vent Fan

The Ceiling Vent Fan by CPW is a simple, single-speed setup that is extremely rugged and reliable. It is actually an add-on, installing to your existing fan or vent and boosting power exponentially, saving valuable uninstall and reinstall time. 12-volts are all that’s needed to power the unit’s powerful, Vortex 1 fan system – one of the best RV roof fans that just keeps on giving.

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