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Top 10 Best RV Surge Protectors

For those unaware of its important function, the RV surge protector provides overload protection in cases of power surge and other anomalies as well as protection from overuse of a circuit within the RV itself. All of this protection is important in keeping this zone of electrical action in check and at safe levels of use. If you need some help selecting the best RV surge protector at a reasonable price, look no further. Here are your top-ten surge protectors, or circuit analyzers for RVs that have a lot to offer while also being quite affordable.

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30C


Courtesy of Progressive Industries, the EMS-PT30C is one of the market’s best surge protectors for campers and RV’s that is also quite affordable when all things are considered. With a luxe, digital read-out display, this unit provides safe, reliable electrical flow at 30-amp and 50-amp service levels. Other great perks include over/under voltage protection, frequency protection, time delay function, and more.

Camco 55312 Dog Bone Circuit Analyzer


The Camco 55312 Dog Bone Circuit Analyzer is named after its fun shape with handy, flexible adapters located at each end. This unit actively monitors flow status as well as provides active surge protection up to 2,100 joules. A weather resistant design also assures that this intelligent RV circuit analyzer stays running in some pretty adverse conditions.

TRC 44260 Circuit Analyzer


The model 44260 circuit analyzer by TRC is a popular RV surge guard that is not only used in RV’s but is also brought along with camping supplies for camping trips and other travel outings. This reliable protector analyzes electrical flow and provides protection to 2,100 joules. Simply plug the circuit analyzer in line with the power supply and enjoy real peace of mind from there on out.

Technology Research 34830


The 34830 is another great, portable option in the way of affordable surge protectors for motorhomes, RV’s, and campsites. Because of its many features such as built-in, intelligent reset delay, 2,450-joule surge protection, and an easy-to-read LCD display, the 34830 by Technology Research is a top RV surge protector that just happens to also be priced exceptionally well for the consumer right now.

Camco 55310


Modest in appearance but big in function, the Camco 55310 provides 1,050-joule surge protection at minimal cost. Diagnostic lights working in tandem with real-time electrical current analysis assure that you always understand the status of your circuit. In addition, an easy-grip body provides for safe and secure unplugging and plugging action in all conditions.

Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C Electrical Management System


Offering 30-amp and 50-amp protection packages, EMS-HW30C series surge guards for RVs provide comprehensive circuit control all from one, high-tech unit. Over/under voltage protection, accidental 240 protection, frequency protection, and an adjustable time delay function come standard in this feature-filled yet relatively affordable RV surge protector.

Stag 44270


Another relatively low-cost RV surge protector that doesn’t short in terms of features and reliability is the Stag 44270. This highly portable unit provides real-time status indication via a light indicator system and comes in a rugged, weather resistant body design. Plug the unit directly in line and enjoy immediate protection without the need for tools or additional security parts.

Surge Guard TRC 35550 Hardwire Protector


For those needing a hardwire-style surge protector in their arsenal of RV supplies, the TRC 35550 by Surge Guard is a highly reliable and quite popular option. Simply connect each wire with its appropriate connector at each end of the unit and enjoy active circuit analysis and ongoing continuity like the pros. 50-amp coverage with 3,850-joule surge protection are also standard fare here.

Progressive Industries EMSHW30C


Proving prowess in this area once again, Progressive Industries hits our list once more with the EMSHW30C surge protection unit. This unit can be placed in any location temporarily or even mounted permanently via its 4-hole mounting deck. An all-inclusive manufacturer’s warranty, wide-range device compatibility, and quick reset switch also make this particular unit a top pick.

TRC 34750-001-LCD


The 34750-001-LCD by TRC provides professional-grade, 50-amp, 3,850-joule surge protection for all of your camper and RV needs. With a bright and easy-to-read LCD display, this unit provides a modern display of current line status. Automatic reset during outages, weather resistant components, and an intelligent, 128-second reset delay also make this unit one of the better choices in the affordable group of today’s surge protection wares for the road.

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