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Top 10 Best RV Power Cords

RV power cords are among the most essential kinds of RV supplies to think critically about before settling on the right specific product to purchase. Though the best RV cords certainly won’t be cheaply or lazily made, low-cost RV power cords can still be smart investment to make.

Affordable RV power cords made up to a certain standard can be some of the best power cords for RVs to be found, but in order to identify them, it’s important to do the right amount of research in advance. The following products are some of top RV power cords available for fairly affordable prices relative to their quality.

Marinco 30RPCRV Right Hand Angle Locking Cord


Marinco’s 30RPCRV right hand angle locking cord is a 10/3 model with a superior degree of flexibility in its construction. The design features a pair of connector ends and a plug molded for water-tightness. To make the correction and hookup processes easier, it has been made with a GripLock handle.

Red Hound Auto Premium Power Supply Cable


This RV power cord from Red Hound Auto is 25′ long and purely made of copper. This is a heavy-duty model with a voltage range of 125V to 250V. In addition to the main cord, there is also a 25′ long extension cord included as well. The inside cable has three six-gauge wires and a single eight-gauge wire.

Power TechON RVC3003 RV Extension cord w/ Handles


Created by PowerTechON, this male RV cord and its female connector have an amp rating of 30 and a length of 25′. This heavy-duty cord is an STW type, has a wire gauge of 10, and has been created for easy usability.

Camco 55195 Extension Cord


Camco’s durable 55195 extension cord has an amp rating of 50, a length of 30′, and is designed with a convenient PowerGrip handle for higher usability. To increase the convenience even further, this extension cord can be easily stored and transported from place to place with the carrying strap that’s included with each purchase.

Camco 55191 PowerGrip Electrical Power Cord


This 25′ long RV power cord from Camco features smartly-made handles that allow it to be unplugged with more ease than the average model. This cord has a wattage of 3750, an amp rating of 30, and a voltage of 125.

NU-CORD 94579 RV Extension Cord


NU-CORD designed this 25′ long, 30 amp extension cord with a TT-30R receptacle. Complementing the receptacle is a TT-30P plug. This cord is an STW type with an AWG size of 10/3 and a voltage of 125V.

High-Tech Cable RV Extension Cord


High-Tech Cable designed this RV power cord as a heavy duty model with an amp rating of 30, a voltage of 110V, and a generous length of 50′. The cord is an STW 10/3 type and certified for safety with a UL Listing. Thanks to significant length of the cord, it can be convenient to have when in an area farther-removed from your original campground’s power source.

PROLINE RV Extension Cord


PROLINE’s RV extension cord is 25′ long, has an amp rating of 50, and a voltage of 250V. Like other RV power cords made for convenience, this cord’s grips have been designed to facilitate smooth unplugging.

Conntek 14364 RV Extension Cord with Straight Blade


Conntek’s 14364 RV power cord is another heavy duty 10/3 STW type with an amp rating of 30 and a length of 25′. Both the cord’s male plug and female connector are NEMA TT-30P types.

TruePower 20-2020 RV Power Cord with Twist Lock Locking Connector


This copper RV power cord from TruePower is 30′ long and has an amp rating of 50. The cord’s design features four conductors, a NEMA 14-50P plug with a straight blade on the male end, and a 50 NEMA SS2-50R Twist Lock on the female end. This cord’s safety has been certified with an ETL listing.


Power cords for campers are no small part in having a fully dependable and functional set of RV equipment. Out of all the camping supplies that you invest in, the quality and upkeep of your RV extension cord will be among the most important things to keep track of to make sure that your motorhome expedition goes as smoothly as possible.

All RV supplies should work in harmony for the best possible experience in the trail, and as your equipment’s lifeline to power, power cords for motorhomes should be matched to the the specifications of your electronic equipment on deck.

Extension cords for RVs shouldn’t be settled on if they’re substandard, but if they’re made to the same standard as the RV power cords above, they can be purchased for a bargain and still provide immense value.

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