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Top 10 Best Trailer Weight Distributing Hitches

Owners of campers, trailers, and items that must be towed may need to consider trailer weight distributing hitches for the best towing experience. Windy conditions can make it difficult to tow, and passing other cars on the road may mean swaying of the trailer or camping equipment. Major tow hitch manufacturers like Draw-Tite, Eaz-Lift, and Husky offer complete towing kits, as well as single hitches that allow the vehicle owner to use pre-existing equipment. Quality construction ensures many years of use for these trailer weight distributing hitches, and manufacturers also offer these hitches with a variety of GVWR options for many sizes of trailers.

1. Draw-Tite 75578 Max-Frame Class III 2″ Receiver Hitch


Well-known manufacturer Draw-Tite offers this low-cost trailer weight distributing hitch for use with sport utility vehicles (SUVs), vans, and trucks. The rated weight carrying capacity is 5,000 and the weight distributing capacity is 7,500 pounds. The hitch features a black powder coat finish and is designed to fit the specific manufacturer and model year the customer requests.

2. Eaz-Lift 48058 Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit – 1,000 lbs Capacity


This affordable trailer weight distributing hitch is available in a variety of sizes that range from 600 pound to 1200 pound weight distributing capacity. Conveniently, the hitch features pre-installed u-bolts and chains on the spring bars, as well as a pre-installed and torqued hitch ball and sway control ball. The 1,000-pound maximum tongue weight capacity hitch has a maximum gross weight rating (GWR) of 10,000 pounds.

3. Reese 49902 Pro Series Complete Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit with Sway Control – 750 lb.


The best trailer weight distributing hitches come with everything a vehicle owner needs to tow vehicles, and the Reese 49902 Pro Series kit comes with several features designed to provide a safe and improved towing experience. The kit features a fabricated head and welded hitch bar, and the sway control ball is preinstalled and torqued with u-bolts and chains. The kit comes complete with mounting hardware.

4. Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch 1500lb Tongue Weight for Standard Coupler with Clamp-On Latches


This weight distributing hitch comes with a pre-adjusted hitch head, which means no fine-tuning is necessary. The Blue Ox BXW150 is considered one of the best RV weight distributing hitch options because it’s manufactured to provide a noise-free towing experience with its spring steel construction. Drivers need not worry about disconnecting when backing up.

5. CURT 14006 Class 4 Trailer Hitch


Drivers interested in a cheap trailer weight distributing hitch manufactured with quality components will want to consider the CURT 140006 hitch. Anyone who already has a hitch ball and ball mount and wishes to save money by purchasing just the hitch will enjoy this affordable option that features a limited lifetime warranty on the original purchase.

6. Fastway 94-00-0800 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch


This round bar weight distribution hitch is rated for 800-pound tongue weight. The design of the hitch means easy installation for novice users and an excellent towing experience with the weight-leveling, anti-sway design. Finding the best trailer weight distributing hitch for camping usually means choosing an option that features integrated sway control like this Fastway 94-00-0800 hitch.

7. Eaz-Lift 48054 1,400 lbs Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch with Adjustable Ball Mount and Shank


This hitch is available with a shank or without a shank, and it also comes in a wide array of sizes that include 600, 800, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,400 pounds. This is one of the best trailer weight distributing hitch options for campers that need a hitch that has a maximum tongue weight of at least 1,400 pounds. The convenient clip and bolt package works with adjustable hitches, and the hitch is operated via a positive latching action.

8. Pro Series 49903 Complete Weight Distribution Kit


The Pro Series 49903 is a complete weight distribution kit for towing needs that do not exceed 1,000 tongue weight. Pro Series calls itself an industry leader, and this top weight distributing hitch is backed by a warranty from the manufacturer. The kit is designed for easy installation and features the hitch bar, as well as the friction sway control unit. Drivers who want affordability and a zero sway experience will want to consider the Pro Series 49903.

9. Husky 31996 800LB Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control and 2″ Ball


The Husky model 31996 hitch features friction sway control, as well as a dual brake pad system that makes it easier to tow in windy conditions. For drivers who need camping supplies and equipment for trailers over 16 feet in length, this weight distribution hitch is an ideal choice. The kit includes a pre-assembled 2″ hitch ball and a sway ball and is easy to install for anyone who needs to tow a camper.

10. Hidden Hitch 87717 Class III Hitch


There are many RV supplies required for hassle-free camping, and owners of trailers and campers who want a long-lasting hitch may want to consider the Hidden Hitch 87717. The hitch features a limited lifetime warranty, and its solid construction is designed to provide many years of rust-resistant use. The hitch’s design reduces the need to cut and drill into the bumper, and each of these trailer weight distributing hitches is inspected for quality workmanship before delivery.

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