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Top 10 Best RV Trailer Stabilizer Jack Pads

Best RV Stabilizer Pads

If you’ve been RVing for a while, you’ve likely encountered your fair share of unlevel RV sites. However, if you are a new adventurer to the RVing lifestyle and haven’t yet attempted to level your camper on a slope or uneven ground, trust us, you will eventually. Trying to sleep, work, or even walk around in your RV can be a considerable nuisance when it’s sloped. It also isn’t good for your RV to spend time in this position, potentially resulting in structural strain, issues with slideouts, and even some appliances not operating correctly.

When the terrain beneath your rig isn’t solid, there’s a risk of your RV’s stabilizer jacks sinking or shifting in place. That’s where RV leveling blocks come in handy. In addition, using a jack pad will lessen vibrations and reduce the chances of slippage or tilt. Finally, eliminating the rock and sway of the rig while you are moving about inside will give you a better, more comfortable RVing experience.

What To Look For in RV Jack Pads

There are a variety of products available for leveling your RV. But how does one determine which are the best RV leveling pads? Keep reading to find out.

Shop for jack pads that offer the perfect balance of size, weight, strength, and cost. The best blocks will be big enough to provide a sufficient surface area and thick enough to give an optimal lift without being too cumbersome to use and store.

Some of the most common leveling blocks are the yellow or red plastic stackers found at RV or camping stores. However, an online search will net a wide array of other options too. Basic plastic stacker blocks are reasonably priced, lightweight, and compact for easy storage. We review ten of the most popular leveling pad options below.

How RV Jack Pads Work

Once you have parked at your campsite, use a bubble level to determine whether your vehicle needs additional straightening out. Then choose the stack height required and arrange the leveling blocks in front of the wheel in the desired configuration. Its important to never stack leveling blocks more than four inches high and carefully drive onto the blocks. 

Once the vehicle is on the blocks and level, set the parking brake. Then, when you’re ready to leave, drive off the blocks (carefully) and park your rig. When you’re done, collect the blocks to store in your RV until you need them again.

Which Stabilizer Jack Pads Are Best for My Camper?

Finding the best leveling blocks or pads for your RV or travel trailer is largely a matter of preference. You’ll want to keep in mind the size of your rig, the frequency you will be using the blocks, and how much you’re willing to spend. Depending on the amount of storage you have, this may also be a factor to consider.

Below, we’ve highlighted our top ten picks for the best RV stabilizer jacks you can buy right now. Have a look!

Top 10 Best RV Stabilizer Jack Pads

1. Camco 44595 Stabilizer Jack Pads

Camco’s RV stabilizer jack pads are used to prevent the feet of your stabilizer jacks from sinking into the ground. They are compatible with stack jacks, trailer tongues, 5th wheel jacks, and swing-arm supports. These stabilizer pads are not for use with hydraulic jacks and are designed to be used flat-side down to prevent slipping and sinking. The compact interlocking sets include a built-in handle and a strap for convenient storage. Each pack contains four jack pads that are quality made in the USA.

The pads feature 6. 5 inches x 6. 5 inches of usable surface area, and a sturdy UV stabilized resin construction guarantees years of use. In addition, their durable, heavy-duty polypropylene construction and ribbed design increase their strength.

Quick Stats:

  • Prevent jacks from sinking into soft ground
  • Compact interlocking design and handy strap for easy storage
  • Built-in handle
  • 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches of useable surface area
  • Comes in a set of four

2. Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers

Tri-Lynx has been creating RV leveling systems and RV accessories since 1993. The Lynx 10-pack RV leveling kit has modular-designed levelers that are configurable to fit any leveling function and will support up to 40,000 lbs. In addition, they are super easy to use. Just place them into a pyramid shape to the desired height, then drive your RV onto the stack. The levelers can also multi-task as a support base for other stabilizing equipment. 

These levelers are perfect for under both single and dual wheels, tandem axles, and jacks. The 8-1/2 inch x 8-1/2 inch usable surface area with 1-1/2 inch thickness provides a one-inch lift. This ten-pack of interlocking leveling pads comes in an easy-to-store nylon bag and weighs less than ten pounds. Lynx Levelers are manufactured in the USA and come with a ten-year warranty.

Quick Stats:

  • Interlocking blocks
  • Supports up to 40,000 pounds
  • Conveniently packaged in a durable nylon bag
  • Replaces unreliable wood blocks
  • Economical
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

3. Homeon Wheels RV Leveling Blocks

Homeon Wheels 2.0 trailer leveling blocks feature an upgraded crush-resistant design and specially designed ramp that protects the interlocking blocks as you drive onto them. Plus, a tire wheel chock holds the weight of your RV steady.

Made from high-density ABS, these durable and non-slip leveling blocks for RVs are sturdy and made to withstand the harsh outdoors. The textured bottom surface keeps the pads securely in place. This versatile camper leveling system is compatible with single or tandem wheels, tongue jacks, hydraulic and stabilizer jacks, and fifth-wheel jacks.

Easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes, they conveniently store and transport in the included carry bag with a handle. They are suitable for use with all single-wheel Class B motorhomes, travel trailers, and pop-up campers.

Quick Stats:

  • Upgraded Ramp Design
  • Tire Wheel Chock
  • Carrying Bag with Handle
  • High-density ABS
  • Interlocking
  • Textured surface

4. Camco 44505 Leveling Blocks – 10 pack

Camco’s RV Interlocking 10-pack of leveling blocks makes it easy to customize leveling your RV by stacking the interlocking blocks together to the desired height. The patented design optimizes both strength and weight and features durable construction with a solid bottom that keeps these pads from sinking into soft ground.  

Constructed of UV stabilized resin to last even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. They are bright yellow for excellent visibility. These blocks are perfect for preventing your stabilizers from sinking in soft ground. Camco’s RV Leveling Blocks measure 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches and are compatible for use with stack jacks, trailer tongues, swing arm supports, and fifth wheel jacks. If dirt or debris gets on the blocks, just hose them off before storage in the included zippered storage bag with a handle.

Quick Stats:

  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Interlocking design
  • Solid bottom resists sinking
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Zippered storage bag
  • UV stabilized
  • Customizable

5. Camco 44543 Large Stabilizer Jack Pad with Handle

Camco’s 44543 large stabilizer jack pads are engineered with a patented design to optimize both strength and weight. They are suitable for stack jacks, fifth wheel stabilizers, swing down stabilizers, and awning arms to prevent them from sinking into soft ground. 

A convenient placement handle provides an extra 13 inches of reach, making it easier to place the jack pad without crawling underneath the vehicle. The included storage strap keeps these accessories together during transport. The durable UV resin construction will provide years of quality use. Each set contains two heavy-duty interlocking jack pads.

Quick Stats:

  • Measurements are 14″ x 12″ x 1″
  • Available as a set of two
  • The placement handle provides an extra 13 inches of reach
  • Interlocking design
  • Handy storage strap

Want to learn more about leveling your RV? Check out RV Leveling Parts and Accessories!

6. BAL 20031 Trailer Jack Base Pads

These BAL 20031 trailer jack base pads are available in packages of four per set. Each jack pad is a generous 7.25 inches in diameter and specially designed for use with telescopic and T-type jacks. These pads are manufactured with added rubber bushing to ensure quiet storage during travel. 

The high-quality metal holds up well under the weight of smaller campers and tent trailers, but those with heavier rigs may find them too thin. Still, these are relatively inexpensive pads that are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware, including washers, rubber spacer, lock nuts, and bolts. 

Quick Stats:

  • Sold per pack of 4
  • 7-1/4″ diameter pads
  • For use on T Type and telescopic jacks.
  • Use with chocks
  • 7.25-inch surface area
  • Rubber bushings

7. Camco Stabilizer Jack Pads and Leveling Block Wheel Chocks Bundle

Camco has thought of everything you need to stabilize your RV or camper when curating this collection of leveling accessories. Camco’s stabilizer bundle includes one four-pack of Camco ridged heavy-duty interlocking leveling blocks with a sturdy base, one four-pack of 6.5 Inch x 9 Inch Camco RV stabilizing jack pads, and a two-pack of Camco leveling block wheel chocks to eliminate dangerous wheel movement.  

For convenience, you can connect the chocks to Camco’s leveling blocks to level and chock simultaneously. This heavy-duty bundle provides optimal support for larger vehicle wheels, making it perfect for RVs, trucks, and trailers. A convenient zippered bag, handle, and strap make storage of this kit a breeze.

Quick Stats:

  • Strong and durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Stackable for safe and easy leveling
  • Prevent jacks from sinking into soft ground
  • Eliminates dangerous wheel movement
  • The interlocking design prevents slipping
  • Manufactured in the USA

8. Prothane 19-1403 Red Jack Pad

Prothane’s 19-1403 red jack pads updated design has been precision fabricated for an optimal fit. These straightforward easy to use rigid jack pads are composed of premium-grade polyurethane. Each jack pad holds super grease to ensure quiet and smooth operation.

These three-inch diameter jack pads are designed to fit jack stands one and a half to two inches and are meant to fit the tray of the jack to prevent your RV from getting scratched. If you’ve recently had a new paint job, these jack pads would be ideal. Those who have larger jacks may want to check out Prothane’s five-inch jack pads instead. 

Quick Stats:

  • Precision fabrication for a perfect fit
  • Quiet operation
  • Premium polyurethane components
  • Rigid stability

9. Camco Leveling Block Non-Slip Pad 

These Camco leveling block non-slip pads work well underneath Camco and FasTen brand leveling blocks or on their own to prevent jacks and stabilizers from sinking into soft ground. The flexible material is excellent for use on uneven surfaces, gravel, and rough earth. 

The pads create an even surface and prevent leveling blocks from cracking due to uneven stress. In addition, this two-pack of earth-friendly pads is UV resistant, weatherproof, and constructed of recycled materials.

Quick Stats:

  • Prevents jacks and stabilizers from sinking
  • Ideal for use on uneven terrain
  • Weatherproof
  • UV resistant
  • Recycled materials

10. Blockaholic – RV Leveling Blocks 

Blockaholic offers a newly designed patent-pending 10-piece set of heavy-duty, extra-large RV leveling blocks featuring built-in ramps. The innovative ramp design at each block’s leading and trailing edge prevents the levelers from slipping out when the tire rolls over it. 

The stackable interlocking blocks create a durable base, and the enlarged footprint allows for a more supportive surface area. In addition, a durable woven storage bag and strap keep the blocks together to make for easy storage and transport.

Quick Stats:

  • Patent-pending design
  • Extra Large
  • Heavy duty
  • High density molded plastic
  • Durable -easy use 
  • Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Every RVer will encounter unlevel campsites from time to time. Seasoned RVers carry RV leveling blocks, also called jack pads, stacker blocks, or stabilizer pads. Whatever you call them, all serve the same purpose: allowing you to level your RV on a sloped campsite and prevent stabilizer jacks from sinking into soft surfaces.

The above RV leveler pads are well-researched examples of what to look for when deciding which RV trailer stabilizer jack pads to purchase. Ultimately you will want to choose RV leveler pads that are durable and high-quality. If you invest in the best RV trailer stabilizer jack pads you can find, it should be a one-time purchase that will provide many years of convenient use for leveling and stabilizing your RV.

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