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Top 10 Best RV Sewer Tank Digesters

Dependable RV sewer tank digesters are vital for ensuring that your tank is properly sanitized. Without having the right quality of sewer tank digester, your tank is susceptible to any number of potential risks posed by contaminants.

Low-cost RV waste digesters can be an effective way to keep your tanks sanitary without breaking the bank. Though affordable RV waste digesters may initially strike the less savvy buyer as being of lower quality, they can truly be well-advised investments to make.

Smart shoppers know that the best RV waste digester isn’t simply the most expensive kind to buy. The best RV sewer tank digester can provide you with an effective cleansing formula at a reasonable price, and the following are some of the top options available on

Unique Natural Products RV Digest-It Holding Tank Cleaner, 128-Ounce


Unique Natural Products’ RV Digest-It holding tank cleaner has a fluid capacity of 128 ounces. The product is strong enough to remove solid tissue blockages and complete its deodorizing process overnight. A single treatment with the cleaner only takes four ounces of the product to be fully effective.

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Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester, (Pack of 10)

walex-bio-11530-bio-pak-natural-holding-tank-deodorizer-and-waste-digester-pack-of-10-best-rv-sewer-tank-digesters1530 Bio-Pak tank deodorizer doesn’t require any specialized kind of toilet paper to be used. The solution is perfect for breaking down any paper and waste that it comes into contact with. This tank digester’s color carries no risks of leaving any stains after use, and it’s completely safe to use in your septic tank.

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Thetford RV Tissue Digester 15844, 19 oz. Bottle


Thetford’s RV tissue digester is a biodegradable formula capable of breaking down any tissues creating problematic clogs in your tank, simultaneously sanitizing the drains that it flows through. It can be safely used in all waste treatment systems.

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Valterra V23128 ‘Pure Power Blue’ Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator


Valterra’s Pure Power Blue waste digester not only clears out the solid waste and tissue paper in your drain, but also leaves it smelling pleasantly fresh. It is available in up to 128 ounces per container.

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Natural Air Man RV Fizzytabs


Natural Air Man RV Fizzytabs can be used simply by dropping the tablets into the bowl, immediately unleashing an army of helpful bacteria that dissolves waste and kills odors on contact.

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Blue Eagle RV Holding Tank Treatment, Concentrate, 32 oz.



Blue Eagle’s tank treatment fluid is a concentrated force of odor-killing power that leaves your tank fresh-smelling, purged and sanitary every time. The industrial-strength solution is completely non-toxic and breaks down both liquid and solid waste equally effectively.

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RV and Boat Waste Tank Cleaner for Black & Gray Tanks (Septic Tank Digester & Odor Eliminator)


This waste tank cleaner by GEN is made to work equally well on both black and gray tanks. The solution immediately liquefies any toilet paper and sensors that it comes into contact with and is completely free of formaldehyde.

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OP Products Pure Power Blue, Drop-Ins 23015


OP Products’ tank cleaner is a solution that works in both high and low temperatures. Like other cleaners in its class, it eliminates waste and leaves a fresh scent in both black and gray tanks.

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Valterra V22015 ‘Super Bio’ Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator Tablet


Each of Valterra’s Super Bio waste digester and odor eliminator tablets can immediately counteract any liquid or solid waste that lingers in water that they’re dispensed into. These tablets are available in either a bag of 10 or a bag of 25.

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Pro-Lab Inc One Flush Septic and Leachfield Treatment Concentrate ON102


ProLab’s One Flush Septic and Leachfield treatment concentrate has been made to reduce packaging, waste and storage by more than 90 percent. With just one packaged dispensed into the toilet on a monthly basis, this treatment fluid can save you money that would otherwise have to be spent on intensive pumping and placement procedures.

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All camping supplies can be obtained frugally without needing to dig into your savings, and RV supplies are no exception to the rule. The above sewer tank waste digesters for RVs are a testament to the fact that low cost shouldn’t be assumed as indicative of low value.

Though the above RV sewer tank digesters may have slight differences between them on a chemical level, they are unified through a core foundation of dependability and a high level of accessibility to buyers of average means.

When you’re weighing your options in waste digesters for campers, consider those that are equal parts economical and effective. Waste digesters for camping can be bought on a budget without putting your tank at any serious risk of contamination. If you need options in RV sewer tank digesters that will give you full value without drastically lightening your wallet, look no further than the above products.

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