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Top 10 Best Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are what make the trailer world go round. Most of the time, we can concentrate our thoughts and upgrade goals in other areas of the trailer setup, but sometimes, you have to focus on those all-important wheels in order to ultimately keep the good times rolling. What are some of the top trailer tires that can be bought without necessarily breaking the bank? Read on as we highlight the top-ten, affordable trailer tires that perform much more than one would think solely based on their attached price tags.

Two-Tire 12” Set


This set of low-cost trailer tires offers roadworthy reliability at an unimaginably great price. The tire weight rating on these favorites is 840lbs each. Other specs include a 5-lug wheel pattern, 12” rim diameter, and a 4” overall rim width. 4-ply construction and solid tread also make for a smooth and secure voyage.

15” White Spoke Trailer Wheel


Keep all of your RV supplies or even your trailer load of camping supplies safe and secure for the long haul with this affordable tire option. The 15” White Spoke Trailer Wheel is a strong suitor for the job featuring a 1,820lb tire rating, 6-ply construction, solid tread, and 5-lug mount pattern.

Power King Low Boy


The Low Boy courtesy of Power King is a beefy trailer tire choice designed for the heaviest of low bed trailers and even use in many motorhomes. Its straight-tracking tread pattern and extra durable, nylon cord construction make it a top choice for moving those heavy and quite precious loads down the road. As the affordable category goes, this is one of the best tires for campers, RVs, and a multitude of trailers alike.

Grand Ride 2-Tire Set


Grand Sport makes some great yet affordable tire products, and this 2-Tire Set is no exception. Each of these amazingly cheap trailer tires is formidably constructed of a 6-ply rubber design, protective nylon shoulder strips, and a road-gripping tread pattern. The tire weight rating on these is also listed at a very capable, 1,760lbs.

eCustomRim Tire and Rim 2-Pack


Courtesy of eCustomRim, one of the best trailer tires sets comes to us here in a 2-pack. Each of these well-built trailer-movers features a 990lb capacity, a 4-lug mount pattern, and a bias-ply tire mounted to a clean, white spoke wheel. The diameter of this top pick is 12” with a 2.83” center bore.

Marastar 4.80-8


This economic Marastar model is a top pick in the 600lb and under group. The tire itself is an LRB, 60PSI, 4-ply bias tire. Its rugged, central wheel is a solid steel, 8X3.75, 4-lug workhorse. In addition, this particular model works very well with a multitude of watercraft, cargo, and utility trailers alike.

Grand Ride Trailer Tire Dual Set


Hitting our list of top picks yet again, Grand Ride provides us with some of the best trailer and RV tires available at an affordable price. This particular set features 8-ply, rugged durability, a noteworthy tread pattern, nylon shoulder strips, and an impressive, 2,150lb weight capacity per tire. One year of warranty coverage is also included.

15” Silver Mod Trailer Wheel


This 15” Silver Mod Trailer Wheel is a perfect fit for those looking for a straightforward and reliable tire that can carry some considerable weight. At a weight capacity of 1,820lbs, this bias tire features a modular-style wheel with a 5-lug arrangement. You too can roll in confidence with this best-seller.

Rainier ST Radial Tire


Rainier makes some popular tires, and this ST model is certainly among them. The actual tire identification of this one is ST225/75R15. With aggressive treads and a solid, 8-ply structure, this heavyweight inflates to 65PSI with an actual weight rating of 2,540lbs. In addition, you can travel safely on this one at speeds up to 75MPH.

Freestar M-108


Rated officially as an ST205/75R15, this Freestar model offers extreme reliability at an extremely affordable price-point. The weight capacity on this one is a formidable, 1,820lbs and it offers a deep tread embedded in an 8-ply, heavy-duty body. This top pick is a 15” model and is designed specifically for trailer use only.

Trailer King ST Radial Tire


Trailer King, a name synonymous with quality in trailer components, brings us its fan-favorite, the ST radial. This top tire choice features superior tracking and road grip, a nylon overlay construction, and an enhanced shoulder design for extra wear resistance. If that’s not enough, enjoy the peace of mind provided by its accompanying manufacturer’s nationwide warranty.

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