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Top 10 Best Trailer Spare Tire Holders

There is one, particular area in the way of travel and RV supplies that is often and quite easily overlooked – trailer spare tire holders.

We all know that our spare tire is our ultimate savior when a flat occurs, assuring us of the ability to continue onward to the original destination or to a mechanic’s shop for repairs. However, without a proper carrier for trailer spare tires, how would you securely carry this important piece of back-up equipment? If this is an area you need to improve on, look no further. Here is your guide to selecting the top trailer spare tire holder that’s just right for you in price and in function.

  1. Extreme Max 3005.3726
  2. MaxxHaul 70214
  3. Boat and Utility Spare Tire Wheel Mount
  4. Bumper-Mount RV Tire Carrier
  5. Fulton ETC 0101
  6. Rage Powersports Spare Tire Carrier for Trailers
  7. Boat and Utility Trailer Spare Tire Carrier
  8. Libra Heavy-Duty Spare Carrier
  9. Pit Bosse 802
  10. Tow Tuff TTF-0345TC

Extreme Max 3005.3726


Specifically designed for mounting to the trailer tongue, the Extreme Max 3005.3726 bolts easily to any trailer tongue that measures up to 3” wide and 5” high. As for pricing, this is a relatively cheap trailer spare tire carrier. As far as its construction though, not so much; this holder’s zinc-plated, steel construction backed by two years of warranty says it all.

MaxxHaul 70214


The MaxxHaul 70214 can be used to reliably carry along your best trailer tires and spares tongue-side. One end of the kit mounts directly to the trailer tongue while the other simply attaches to any 4 or 5-lug wheel at the lug ports. Zinc plating, powder-coated finish, and the ability to install to boat trailers as well makes this one a top pick among the best trailer spare tire carriers that also aim for affordability.

Boat and Utility Spare Tire Wheel Mount


This Boat and Utility Spare Tire Wheel Mount is the perfect representation of the low-cost Trailer Spare Tire Holder that is totally worthy of the long haul. This simple yet strong mounting kit utilizes a set of brackets and bolts that ultimately secures that spare with the best of them. Designed for use with 4 and 5-lug wheels, this setup is covered in a rust resistant coating alongside powder-coated, high quality steel.

Bumper-Mount RV Tire Carrier


For those interested in a bumper-mount system specifically, this tire carrier is a solid and economical choice. This top pick mounts securely to any, 4” square box or C-style bumper and is made of heavily powder-coated steel for all-weather performance without rust and corrosion. In addition, this handy unit features a fold-down function, so that when you’re hauling those over-sized camping supplies and other, large materials, you aren’t necessarily stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Fulton ETC 0101


The ETC 0101 by Fulton is about as basic as it gets by way of today’s reliable yet cheap Trailer Spare Tire Holder. This extremely basic design maximizes space in tight situations by simply utilizing a specially-shaped bolt to secure your spare to the trailer. This corrosion resistant, zinc-plated setup fits 8”, 9”, 12”, 13”, 14”, and 15” wheels with 4 or 5-lug patterns and can be mounted in nearly any space that the tire itself will fit.

Rage Powersports Spare Tire Carrier for Trailers


This Spare Tire Carrier for Trailers by Rage Powersports is perfect for transporting the most basic, affordable trailer tires on up to the most fancy tire models available. Simply bolt this very solid setup to your trailer tongue, and then attach your tire by its 4 or 5-lug spread. This model can hold up to 100lbs safely and is weather coated for excellent outdoor protection.

Boat and Utility Trailer Spare Tire Carrier


For many of those in search of the best Trailer Spare Tire Holders that are also boat trailer-friendly, this Boat and Utility Trailer Spare Tire Carrier is often the final choice at checkout. This is because of this unit’s particular strength and reliability coupled with an excellent price-point. Specs of this no-drill unit include solid frame-mounting, a 100lb capacity, fast installation, and excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

Libra Heavy-Duty Spare Carrier


The Libra Heavy Duty Spare Carrier is quite possibly the absolute best RV spare tire carrier that is affordably priced but is also capable of carrying those larger, 6 and 8-lug wheels. Mounting of this unit is also easy and convenient with no drilling being necessary and your choice of location only being limited by space allowances for the tire itself. In addition, this heavy-duty unit is heavily coated for protection against wear in all conditions.

Pit Bosse 802


The 802 comes to us courtesy of Pit Bosse, an established name in the industry. This model is quite simple, securing itself to any surface via a strong, central shaft and bracket rig. This design is certainly a space-saver and skips all the unnecessary frills found in many others. In fact, the extremely low-profile mount measures 8.25” high and only 2” wide.

Tow Tuff TTF-0345TC


For those particularly wishing to lockup their spare tire setup, the Tow Tuff TTF-0345TC offers a great locking feature alongside many others. First, mounting is easy with your choice of drill-out holes or bolt-on mounting ready to go. Then, simply mount your spare and lockup as desired. This kit comes with locking brackets and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and is made entirely of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel.

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