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Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners

RV air conditioners may not mean too much during the winter, but during the warmer months, these are absolutely necessary elements to the comfortable RV experience. For those wishing to replace or even buy their first RV air conditioner, we have the guide just for you. What are some of the best features, cooling capabilities, and reliability one can find at a reasonable price? Where can such units be found? Read on as we take a look at the top-ten, best RV air conditioners that can currently be purchased without needing to break the bank in the process.

Coleman Mach 15+


Coleman, a name known for excellence and tenure in the world of camping supplies and RV supplies alike brings us the top-selling, Mach 15+. The Mach 15+ adapts right to your existing air inlet port in any roof-mount system and provides lots of super-cooled air for the whole family. It is also cross-compatible with a number of older thermostats for extra ease in installation in many cases.

Dometic Brisk II


The Brisk II by Dometic is a notably powerful unit in the way of low-cost RV air conditioners, providing between 13,500 and 15,000 BTU’s of cooling power. It can be installed in a ducted or non-ducted system and runs via the standard, 115-volt electrical circuit. To sweeten the deal even more, Dometic offers a complimentary, 2-year warranty with each unit.

ICON Brisk Air Duo


The ICON Brisk Air Duo provides those in search of the top RV air conditioners an ideal, one-stop option. Quickly adapting to previously installed Dometic setups, the Brisk Air Duo is designed for ease in installation as well as the long haul, being made much stronger than any of the originals. Enjoy a powerful, lightweight, easily added on AC unit that adapts seemlessly to 11,000, 13,500, and 15,000BTU units.

GoCool 12V Portable Air Conditioner


If you do not wish to worry with a permanent system setup or the associated, high power draw, the portable AC unit by GoCool is the perfect fit for just about any camper, enclosed trailer, or RV situation. Even better, this unit can be removed and used in any number of other applications as well. Features of this absolute cheapest of affordable RV Air Conditioners include 2-wheel portability, exhaust-free, ice-powered cooling, and cooler capability with internal storage fit for a number of food or beverage items.

Coleman 48208C966


Coleman’s model 48208C966 provides considerable power savings when it comes to cooling your recreational vehicle or camper. This roof-mount unit provides 13,500BTU-equivalent cooling at a greatly reduced rate of electrical consumption. It is constructed of solid, quality materials and will even hard start in the hottest of desert-like conditions – something many units are incapable of when temps are simply too hot.

Dometic Brisk Air II Complete Non-Ducted System


Sometimes, air conditioners for motorhomes, RV’s, and campers need to be exclusively installed via a non-ducted setup. The Dometic Brisk Air II Complete Non-Ducted System is the perfect system just for that particular arrangement. Utilizing a small heat strip, 110-volts of electrical power, and even the ability to be installed on a sloped roof, it’s no wonder this unit is a popular choice when it comes to RV Air Conditioners for campers where duct is an issue.

Dometic 651816-CXX1C0 Penguin


The Dometic Penguin 651816-CXX1C0 is truly a luxe model, providing all of your heating and cooling needs in one unit. This is a heat pump unit, providing powerful, 15,000BTU air conditioning and heat in ducted and airbox setups alike. The unit fits all, standard, 14” rooftop openings and also utilizes an impressively cutting-edge control system.

Coleman 47201A876


Making our list of top air conditioners for RVs yet again is Coleman with its 47201A876 model. The 47201A876 provides plenty of cooling power for the whole family enclosed in a rugged, rooftop design. With built-in overload protection, easy-to-use controls, and the security of a Coleman-backed warranty, many choose to go this route when equipping their RV’s for all those hot days on the road.

Advent Non-Ducted AC System


Adapting to a non-ducted RV setup is easy with the Advent Non-Ducted AC System. Running at 13,500BTU, this system has proven itself a powerful, mid-range unit with a massive customer-base. It is a complete, 110-volt, roof-mount kit that is also suited to an incredibly wide range of recreational vehicles, unlike many other units.

12V Rooftop AC System


In setups that hold voltage as an important matter of concern, this 12V Rooftop AC System is a perfect fit. Surprisingly, at just 12 volts, reliable, 13,500BTU cooling is produced by this unit. In addition, it is easy to operate with an intelligent, on-board processor. This unit is also built with only the strongest of materials for secure rooftop operation for years to come.

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