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Top 10 Best RV Step Rugs

RV step rugs may not stand out particularly strongly compared to other equipment, but they can easily be one of the most crucial RV supplies for safety. There are many different options for RV step rugs online, and naturally, not all of them are created or priced equally.

Some low-cost RV step rugs can be just as dependable, if not safer than some of the less affordable RV step rugs. Cheap RV step rugs can be among the best RV step rugs so long as they haven’t been made cheaply in terms of their manufacturing. The following are some of the best motorhome step rugs with a proper balance between affordability and quality.

Prest-O-Fit 5-0090 Decorian Step Huggers for RV Landings


Prest-O-Fit’s Decorian Step Hugger rugs can be easily installed, removed and reattached at will. They have been designed with hook-and-loop strips that facilitate a securer fit to the majority of hard stair surfaces. The composition is heavy-duty olefin carpet material, made with a ribbed texture that traps sediment and preserves the evenness of the surface.

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Libra Wrap Around RV Step Rug


Libra’s Wrap Around RV step rug is 18 inches wide and attaches to the stair base with springs. The rug doesn’t require any additional tools for complete installation and functionality. Each package contains a set of three rugs.

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Prest-O-Fit’s Outrigger RV Step Rug


The Prest-O-Fit Outrigger RV step rug is a wide model with a micro-ribbed texture. Thanks to the ribbed texture, the rug both possesses a superior degree of traction that makes it far safer to step on and also traps a greater amount of sediment.

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Prest-O-Fit 5-0060 Decorian Sagebrush Step Huggers for RV Stair Steps


Prest-O-Fit’s Decorian Sagebrush step huggers are capable of easily and securely fitting onto most RV stairs of different heights and depths. The step hugger has been designed with a finish on every edge that lessens the chance of wearing down and tearing apart over time.

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Camco RV Entry Door Step Carpet


This Camco entry door step carpet is another model made in a wrap-around design with a highly accommodating fit for most stair measurements. This step rug has been made for a helpful degree of resistance to both mildew and weather hazards. The rug is also made with a debris-trapping design that keeps the RV’s interior clean.

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Generic Wrap Around RV Step Rug


This wrap around RV step rug has been specifically manufactured to easily fit around radius curved steps. This universal step rug collects sediment to prevent it from getting tracked inside, can be installed without tools, and has high UV resistance.

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Camco 42925 Wrap Around Step Rug


Camco’s 42925 wrap around step rug is an 18-inch models that cuts down on the amount of dirt carried into the RV by the end of the day. This rug is specially designed to fit into steps that have a tread of anywhere between 8″ and 10.5″.

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Prest-O-Fit 2-0205 Wraparound Radius RV Step Rug


Prest-O-Fit’s 2-0205 wraparound radius RV step rug is made for tool-free installation onto curved steps. With its spring fittings, this rug accommodates both electric and manual steps with a depth range of 8″ to 10″. Each of the edges is finished to prevent fraying.

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Camco Mfg Inc 42942 Premium Wrap Around RV Step Rug


Camco’s Mfg Inc 4294 premium wrap around RV step rug is made of artificial turf, giving it both a superior ability to trap sediment and an accelerated drying rate. This step rug has a more secure fit with the implementation of Premium TPE backing.

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Grubby Feet RV Step Cover


Grubby Feet’s RV step cover is designed to fit steps with a surface area of 24 inches. The rug has been made with loop stitch construction, mildew resistance, and brushing action to fight against debris accumulation. The step rug is also made with non-porous PVC and vinyl to prevent it from absorbing excessive moisture.

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The above step rugs for RVs may not be the most expensive on the market, but just by reading over their features and reviews, it’s plain to see that they’re among the best step rugs for campers available online.

The amount of money you spend on step rugs or any other camping supplies isn’t always positively correlated with the amount of trust that can be placed in their overall quality; it is simply a matter of the product’s specifications itself.

Step rugs, like other subtle RV supplies, should be dependable enough that you aren’t constantly reminded of their presence. Rugs for RV steps should be resistant to contamination and made of a material that isn’t susceptible to excessive water absorption.

The RV step plugs above represent the optimal balance between dependability and affordability that you should prioritize whenever shopping for RV step rugs online.

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