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Top 10 Best Exterior RV Utility Lights

Exterior RV utility lights can be much more than simply convenient to have when out on the trail in your RV; depending on the circumstances, they could very well be lifesaving.

Valuable as they may be when they work, utility lights that don’t activate when you need them can quickly turn an unfortunate situation into a crisis. When you’re shopping for them, you’ll want lights that you can count on to help you out instead of wasting your money and leaving you in the dark.

Getting high-quality, low-cost exterior RV utility lights can be a very effective way to save yourself from the risk of paying too much for an overpriced light that fails when you need it the most.

One shouldn’t assume that affordable exterior RV utility lights are dimmer just because they’re not as costly as the most expensive models. Some of the best RV exterior RV utility lights can most certainly be acquired for a good deal, and all that it takes to find them is the right research and attention to detail.

Below are some of the best exterior utility lights for RVs available on, proving that getting cheap RV exterior RV utility lights doesn’t necessitate compromising on quality.

Dream Lighting Waterproof Awning Lights


There waterproof lights by Dream Lighting have a voltage of 12V and can operate in relatively diverse range of indoor and outdoor environments. These lights have been designed to illuminate at a downward, 40 degree angle for more efficiency.

Lumitronics RV Exterior Porch Utility Light


This RV exterior utility light by Luminitronics has been made with a highly protective ABS, increasing its overall longevity. This compact light model, with its heavy weather resistance, is highly optimized for outdoor use.

Pilotlights LED Porch Light/Interior Light


Pilotlights designed this white LED porch light to have a high level of brightness at 300 lumens. The light is waterproof, keeping it well-protected against precipitation when taking the RV out on rainy days.

Lumitronics LED RV Utility Light


This ovular LED RV utility light has been created with a superior degree of durability, giving it a generous lifespan. The full output of the light’s LED power is 58 lumens in total, and it can be toggled on and off with a switch.

Kohree LED Ceiling Porch Light Fixture


This LED light fixture by Kohree only consumes an efficiently small amount of power when it operates, but at the same time, it has a generously wide voltage span that stretches between DC11V and DC 18V.

Segarty Outdoor Solar Motion Solar Motion Sensor Light


This ultra-bright Segarty light illuminates with 260 lumens. This solar LED light is designed with a rechargeable battery that draws its energy from all UV rays absorbed throughout the day.

Lumitronics RV Porch Utility Light


This RV porch utility light from Lumitronics features an amber lens that can be easily replaced, an on/off switch, and a white ABS base that significantly extends its lifespan. This model is also officially approved by the CSA.

Pilotlights LED Porch Light


The LED porch lights from Pilotlights are created in retrofit designs with hole patterns reminiscent of incandescent lamps. These lights are broadly distributed through a fresnel lens and can be toggled on an off with a rocker switch.

Bargman Porch/Utility Light


These Bargman utility lights are designed with a transparent snap-in lens, have a base made of polypropylene, and are well-suited for surface mounting. The lights’ dual wire construction is optimized equally well for the ground and power supply alike. Light is emitted through a 1141 bulb with a wattage of 12 volts.

Dream Lighting Waterproof Awning Lights


These awning lights by Dream Lighting are smartly encased in an aluminum housing. The aluminum housing facilitates effective heat dissipation, and the mounted design makes for a smoother installation process. These lights have a waterproof rating of IP66.


Cheap exterior utility lights for RVs, provided that you get them from the right manufacturer, are far from being cheaply made products that simply can’t be counted on.

Some of the top exterior RV utility lights can also be some of the most affordably priced. High-quality exterior utility lights for RVs, no matter who produces them, will generally have a design that facilitates easy installation, functional versatility, efficient illumination, power economy, and resistance to harsh elements.

Exterior utility lights for campers may not have identical qualities in common, but they should all be held to same standard as any camping supplies that you’d want to be able to count on in the worst case scenario.

Exterior utility lights for motorhomes are some of the most important RV supplies to confirm the quality of before buying, and the above exterior RV utility lights are good options for getting the highest quality you could want without the heaviest investment.

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