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Top 10 Best RV Propane Tank Covers

RV propane tank covers are undeniably an important part of your RV equipment, so naturally, you’ll want to make sure that the one you ultimately choose is up to standard.

The best motorhome propane tank cover for you will ultimately depend on what the size specifications of your RV are, your preference for certain convenient features over others, and the general extent of protection that you need from the elements; aside these things, the expensiveness of the propane tank cover is more or less a non-factor in determining its quality.

A top RV propane tank cover is simply one that you can count on to get the job done. Affordable TV propane tank covers can be perfectly fine choices, and the following are some of the best RV propane tank covers that can be found for a relative bargain.

ADCO 2111 White RV Propane Tank Cover


ADCO’s 2111 white propane tank cover can fit over a standard 5 gallon, 20 lb propane tank. This propane tank cover is made with heavy-duty vinyl and a secure Velcro closure for a superior degree of protection. For a more tailored fit, the bottom of the cover is elasticized.

Camco 40542 Heavy-Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank Cover (Polar White)


Camco’s heavy-duty dual propane tank cover is durable enough to protect your tank from airborne debris when driving. To facilitate a safer and more secure fit over the bottles, this cover has been specially custom-molded.

PMD RV Propane Tank Cover


PMD’s RV propane tank cover has been designed for both softness and durability. The cover’s design features a hardboard top, an elastic shock cord, and a hollow bead welt cord that all improve the security of the fit and potentially lengthen the overall longevity of the tank as well.

Classic Accessories 80-099-141001-00 RV Propane Tank Cover


Classic Accessories’ 80-099-141001-00 RV propane tank cover is UV resistant, mildew resistant, and can securely can fit over a double 20/5 gallon tank. To increase the cover’s stiffness across the tops of double tanks, the design features a helpful board insert.

Camco 40569 Propane Tank Cover


Camco’s 40569 propane tank cover is made of heavy duty polypropylene, both giving the propane tank a sufficient degree of protection and improving the aesthetic of the RV at the same time. The cover is made with a custom molded assembly for a secure, UV-resistant fit.

Expedition Propane Tank Cover


This snow white propane tank cover from Expedition is made for 30lb – 7.5 gallon tanks. The cover’s vinyl constitution is not only robust, but easy to wipe down as well. For all-inclusive protection, the cover is specially reinforced at all of the most vulnerable stress points.

ADCO 2711 Propane Tank Cover


ADCO’s 2711 propane tank cover is made of diamond-plated steel vinyl. This propane tank cover is made to fit over single 20lb tanks, and with its diamond plated steel appearance, it can blend in with most rigs’ plating rather seamlessly. The bottom hem is elasticized, increasing the overall security of the fit.

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Camco 40559 Dual Propane Tank Cover (Polar White)


Camco’s 40559 dual propane tank cover is a heavy-duty model made for 20lb and 30lb tanks. In addition to its custom molded assembly, this polar white tank cover has been updated from its predecessors to give the owner more free access to the changeover valves and gas valves.

ADCO 2612 Propane Tank Cover


ADCO’s 2612 propane tank cover fits over double 20lb propane tanks. To make the fit more secure, the cover’s design features both a zipper and an elasticized hem. This cover has been given a camouflage pattern that smoothly blends into the wilderness.

Camco 40548 Bronze Replacement Cap Kit for Propane Tank Cover


This bronze replacement cap kit is compatible with most newer RV propane tank covers. The cap kit is made of durable polypropylene with a high level of UV resistance, and its design allows easy access to the propane tank when in use.


When you’re weighing your options in different RV supplies, getting the right covers for camper propane tank is a matter of great importance; thankfully, it’s something that can be done without having to pay an extraordinarily high price. Your budget for camping supplies doesn’t have to be stretched to the limit just to get tank covers that can be counted on to do the job required of them.

The best RV propane tank cover should be one that is durable, fits securely, provides easy access to the underlying tank, and is conveniently easy to both set up and take down. Make sure that your top choices in RV propane tank covers strike a satisfying balance between durability, usability, and affordability.

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