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Top 10 Best RV Flood Lights

RV flood lights are an important, external component to RV’s and campers just as typical flood lights are in a regular home or business setup. Such flood lights provide comfort and visibility in low-light conditions as well as an important element of security and trouble-deterrence. Not all flood lights for RV’s are created equal though, and that’s where we come in. For those looking to make the more informed purchase when it comes to quality, affordable RV flood lights, here is your guide to the best RV flood lights available right now.

Motion Guard MG1000-450


In the way of top RV flood lights that are also quite reasonably priced, Motion Guard’s MG1000-450 is a popular choice. This fixture is quite bright and constructed of durable, outdoor-ready materials. It also features an intuitive, motion-sensing function that provides 150 degrees of supreme lighting coverage at any sign of movement.

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Bug Guard BG520B


Low-cost RV flood lights certainly don’t have to be low-quality, take it from the BG520B by Bug Guard. This performance fixture lights all types of exterior terrains with dual, 220LM/520LM, white LED arrays that are powered by an RV circuit-protecting, EMI suppression feed. Installation of this unit is also easy due to its intelligent, non-polarized wiring design.

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JackyLED 6000K 2-Pack


JackyLED provides us with a top choice in the form of the company’s popular, dual pack of super-bright, 6000K flood lights. As they can easily be mounted either temporarily or permanently, these units make excellent flood lights for campsites and RV rigs as well as a number of other indoor and outdoor applications. Additional perks here include rugged, aluminum bodies, stunning, 4000-lumen brightness, a 60-degree light range, and more.

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AutVivid 2-Piece 48W Flood Set


Echoing similar excellence in versatility to the JackyLED 6000K, AutVivid’s 48W Flood Set provides the perfect flood lights for motorhomes, campsites, RV’s, and a number of other venues. These lights are LED-powered and very bright with a 60-degree lighting range. As if any more perks were needed, this set is also quite easy to setup and is extremely resistant to all types of elemental wear and corrosion.

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ANNT 27W 2-Piece Flood Set


This 27W flood set by ANNT is not only attractively forward in its exterior look, but it is also a highly efficient and bright lighting system. For low-voltage situations, there is no need to go with dim light. This set runs off of the common, 12V and 24V DC system and emits lots of light. In addition, these fixtures are rated with an relatively exceptional life span of approximately 30,000+ hours of steady use.

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Mr. Beams MB380


For those specifically looking for more compact flood lights for campers, campsites, RV’s, and other, outdoor applications, the MB380 by Mr. Beams is a top-notch selection. Shed some light on all of your camping supplies and RV supplies with 300 lumens of compact, battery-powered light. This unit is highly portable, waterproof, and even features an excellent, motion-sensing feature as well.

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Lifebee 16-LED Solar Flood Light Set


Lifebee’s 16-LED Solar Flood Light Set provides considerably bright area lighting in the form of two, solar-powered, stylish fixtures. Easily install each unit where needed and let the sun’s daytime rays light your nighttime landscape in eco-friendly style. Each unit is highly sealed from the elements and electrically protected for years of lasting service.

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Flood-It FL10CACW


The Flood-It FL10CACW represents the traditional version of portable flood lights often found on job sites, at sporting events, and in garages all across America. Enjoy a solid offering along the lines of tradition with this camo-colored, freestanding champion among cheap RV flood lights. Each light runs by way of a high quality, lithium-ion battery and blazes a formidable, 95-foot, 120-degree beam range.

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Lumitronics LED Flush-Mount Scare Light


The Lumitronics LED Flush-Mount Scare Light is perfect for those wanting a light that installs flush with nearly any surface. Install it in exterior stonework, wood surfaces, metal, and any other application you may need it for. The possibilities are endless! This unit’s all-weather, powder-coated design makes weather a non-issue while offering 76 lumens of brightness via the common bulb type, 1156.

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CREE 40W LED 2-Piece Flood Set


Versatility is the name of the game with this highly portable flood set. This is because of the simple mounting assembly that allows for adaptation to all sorts of vehicles, structures, RV’s, and more. A rugged, weatherproof design houses a bright, LED flood array that is astoundingly affordable when all factors are considered.

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