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10 Best Retro Teardrop Campers 2020

When it comes to campers, everything old is new again — at least, when it comes to the popular styles of towable campers. With more and more people taking an interest in camping and the outdoors, the demand for small, easy-to-tow teardrop trailers has skyrocketed. Still, with so many possible teardrop campers on the market, it can be hard to tell which ones are worth the money. That’s why Best RV Reviews went in search of the best retro-style teardrop campers of 2020. Because each potential buyer’s needs and wants are different, we considered a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Base price
  • Total weight to tow
  • Additional features such as back galleys, windows and doors, and electrical outlets
  • Aesthetic features
  • Any other impressive features that make a teardrop camper worth buying

Classic Sleeper

Tiny Camper Company

$3,999.99 (4×8) or $4,999.00 (5×8)
The Tiny Camper Company has been taking the camping world by storm with its stylish, lightweight, and super affordable retro-style campers. One such camper is the Classic Sleeper. Available in two sizes — 4×8 or 5×8 — the Classic Sleeper is built from all-natural birch plywood and a .040 aluminum exterior. These ultra lightweight materials combine into a hardy little camper with a total tow weight of only 889 pounds. Inside, campers have their choice of a tri-fold bed or a queen-size bed. Want something added or customized? Chances are it can be done, as each camper is made to order.

Standy Teardrop

Tiny Camper Company

$5,999.00 (5×8) 
The second retro teardrop camper from the Tiny Camper Company to make our list is the Standy Teardrop. The Standy is stylish, lightweight, and loaded with cool features, including:

  • a tri-fold bed
  • a drop-down table
  • hardwood floors

And because each Standy is made to order, it can be further customized to the buyer’s specifications.

5×10 Teardrop Camper

Retro Ride Teardrops

Retro Ride Teardrops, a camper company located in Wisconsin, makes this affordable retro-style teardrop. This teardrop is packed with features including:

  • two doors
  • various outlets
  • shelving
  • a back galley to make cooking on the go a breeze

The camper can be stained and varnished in the buyer’s choice of colors. Other customizable features include:

  • additional windows
  • installed heating and air
  • an 8” cotton mattress.

Polydrop K-17 FRP Siding Base Model


According to the Polydrop website, this beautiful camper “is not just shaped like a spaceship. It is your escape capsule out from the mothership called daily life.” If that doesn’t inspire you to hit the road with a retro-style teardrop camper, then we don’t know what will. This otherworldly looking trailer is downright gorgeous, and weighs in at only 1,200 pounds. The Polydrop features:

  • a fully aluminum frame
  • a 100W solar charging system
  • a Titan hydraulic disc brake

Open the gull-wing doors (one one each side!) to reveal a large mattress for comfortable sleeping. A back galley is perfect for a kitchenette, and includes prep space and two drawers.

The Great Escape Caravan

Vintage Overland

The Danish design-inspired company Vintage Overland hand crafts each of its retro-style teardrop campers, one of which is the Great Escape Caravan. Described as a “smooth blend of form and function,” the Great Escape is a comfortable two-person teardrop with an impressive amount of separate storage space. The back hatch, for example, includes:

  • a kitchenette
  • a prep station
  • a storage cabinet

Inside the camper, you’ll find hardwood floors and siding, LED lights, and a memory foam mattress, among other comforts. Despite all of this, the Great Escape Caravan weighs in at only 750 pounds.


inTech RV

Weighing in at 2,200 pounds, the Luna is one of the heavier trailers on our list of retro-style teardrop campers. Still, it’s ideal for someone who likes this style but needs something just a bit bigger. Built with an all-aluminum frame, the Luna features standards such as:

  • screened and tinted windows
  • a farmhouse-style sink
  • multiple storage cabinets
  • infinity woven flooring

The insulated walls and ceiling, plus the 8K BTU air conditioner ensure the camper remains comfortable.

T.E. Lawrence

Vintage Overland

Inspired by T.E. Lawrence and Lawrence of Arabia, the T.E. Lawrence is another beautiful hand-crafted teardrop camper by Vintage Overland. This 900-pound retro-style trailer is lightweight but roomy, and is ideal for 1-2 people. It features:

  • a queen-size memory foam mattress
  • a bug screen
  • LED lighting throughout
  • a large back hatch for a kitchenette and storage.

Luna Rover

inTech RV

inTech RV’s Luna Rover is very similar to the slightly smaller Luna Lite. Weighing in at 1,643 to 1,770 pounds, towing the Luna Rover requires a larger vehicle than many of the other campers on our list. In addition to a table, lots of storage space, vinyl flooring, and a premium foam mattress, the Luna Rover includes such interior features as:

  • two under-the-floor storage compartments
  • a 32” wall-mounted television
  • night shades

Like the Luna Lite, the Luna Rover also includes the back kitchenette area perfect for some campground cooking.


Earth Traveler


The Earth Traveler T250LX weighs only 216 pounds, making it an ideal camper for anyone, regardless of the type of car owned. The camper is made of carbon fiber, Corecell, and Kevlar, and includes such features as:

  • pop-out side walls
  • pop-up roofs in the front and back
  • a removable floor mat, to name but a few,

Hütte Hut

Sprouting Sprocket Design Studio

You’ll need a pretty penny for the Hütte Hut, but something tells us it will be worth it. Designed and custom built by a married couple in Santa Barbara, California, the Hütte Hut is 44 square feet of pure elegance. The retro-style teardrop camper is made of such high-quality materials as:

  • Joubert Okume marine ply wood
  • Baltic birch
  • double plied cotton canvas

Because it’s assembled without any screws, Green Seal-certified EcoPoxy is used. Completely water repellent, the Hütte Hut is extremely durable, yet lightweight. It fits two people comfortably, but has a maximum of three people.