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Top 10 Best Countertop Ice Makers

By BRVR Staff
February 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best countertop ice makers available online.

If you like to entertain friends, you know that ice is an in-demand party supply. When you don’t have a great deal of freezer space, a countertop ice machine is a great solution. These machines make a large amount of ice cubes, so you always have a supply on hand. Many options are portable, which makes them a great option for RV life and camping. Just add water, and the machine takes care of the rest. As soon as the cubes are ready, all you need to do is flip up the lid for quick dispensing — no bulky trays required.

1. Ikich Portable Ice Maker

Portable Countertop Ice Makers

Sleek and stylish, the Ikich portable ice maker makes a beautiful addition to your RV. The simple silver finish coordinates with your other stainless steel appliances for a seamless look. Operating this machine is fast and easy — just fill it with water and push a button. In 6 minutes, you’ll have a fresh batch of ice waiting for you. With nine pieces of ice per cycle, you can get ready for a party in no time.

2. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

Portable Countertop Ice Makers

Planning to entertain? This Vremi ice maker holds up to 26 pounds of ice at once, so you can accommodate a large group. Plus, since it produces nine cubes every 8 to 10 minutes, your ice supply is refreshed constantly. We love the bullet-shaped ice cubes; they fit in virtually every type of glass. The best part? Since it doesn’t require a constant supply of water, you can use this ice maker indoors and outdoors.

3. Igloo

Igloo Countertop Ice Maker

Designed to hold 33 pounds of ice, the Igloo ICEB33BK is ideal for hot climates. Just add 2.5 quarts of water, and the machine takes care of the rest. Since the ice-making cycle lasts just 7 minutes, you never need to wait long for a fresh batch. A user-friendly panel on the front of the machine enables easy operation, and the integrated LEDs help you see clearly even in the dark.

4. GE Profile Opal

GE Profile Countertop Ice Maker

If you like tiny ice cubes, look no further than the GE Profile Opal ice maker. It produces small ice nuggets, so it’s easy to add the perfect amount to your glass. The soft and crunchy nuggets replicate the same texture as restaurant ice. Compact but powerful, this machine can give you up to 24 pounds of ice every day. Have a party coming up? Use the Opal app to start the ice-making process even when you’re not at home.

5. Vivohome Electric Ice Cube Maker

Vivohome Countertop Ice Maker

Compact and affordable, the Vivohome ice cube maker is a great countertop option for everyday use. Choose from four classic colors to complement your RV kitchen, and rely on the durable construction to stand up to a busy life. The low-noise design maintains a peaceful atmosphere, and the integrated indicator lets you know at a glance when it’s time to add more water.

6. Euhomy Ice Maker

Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker

Bid farewell to messy ice cube trays when you install this Euhomy ice maker in your RV kitchen. The compact footprint takes up minimal space on your counter, and the handy water reservoir eliminates the need for a water line. We love the quiet motor, which helps reduce excess noise in your home. The eight-minute ice-making cycle initiates with the push of a button, and the included ice scoop allows fast dispensing.

7. Frigidaire

Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker

If you have an all-white kitchen, the Frigidaire EFIC108 blends in easily. The simple shape and curving lines look right at home in a contemporary space, and the top-mounted control panel is easy to use. Rely on the 3.1L reservoir to reduce the frequency of refills. Does your family have different ice cube preferences? This model offers adjustable sizes to accommodate everyone’s needs.

8. Prime Home Portable Ice Maker

Prime Home Countertop Ice Maker

Whip up a batch of ice in just 6 minutes with this portable ice maker from Prime Home. The secret is the energy-efficient freezing mechanism, which operates using a standard power cord. Use the included ice basket to move cubes to an external ice bucket, or scoop them right from the bin. If the ice in your bin melts, the machine automatically uses that water to make new cubes — that way, you can reduce waste.

9. Kuppet Portable Ice Maker

Kuppet Countertop Ice Maker

Do you love appliances with a retro aesthetic? This ice maker from Kuppet will fit right in to your RV. The secret is the swooping design and the vintage mint green color — it brightens your space and makes party prep more fun. Each time you activate the machine, it makes nine cubes in as little as 6 minutes. In fact, you can make up to 1.1 pounds every hour. The super-quiet mechanics allow your guests to chat without being disturbed, and the water-shortage warning lets you know as soon as it’s time for a refill.

10. FirstBuilt Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Countertop Ice Maker

Fill your glass with restaurant-style ice when you have this FirstBuilt Opal ice maker on hand. It makes tiny ice nuggets, so it’s perfect for people who love crushed ice. Connect this maker to your phone using the Bluetooth connection, and you can create a custom ice-making schedule in seconds.

Whether you’re holding a party or simply mixing a cold drink, a portable ice maker can make the process more fun. These devices fit neatly on your counter and give you a constant supply of fresh, perfectly formed ice on demand.

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