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Top 10 Portable RV Satellites

Having a home away from home can be convenient, and for many, that comes in the form of an RV. One of the first supplementary items you may want to consider is getting a good portable satellite for a stable TV and Internet connection. There are many factors that go into picking the right satellite, but it also depends on what you prioritize. Fortunately, there is a wide array of satellites available that can suit a variety of needs. Here are the top 10 portable RV satellites that money can buy.

1. KING VQ4550 Tailgater

king-vq4550-tailgater-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesAs a satellite that provides portable service, the KING Tailgater can be set up either as a portable antenna or mount it on your roof, depending on your preference. This satellite provides support for multiple TV viewing, as it is embedded with dual coaxial outputs. It may also be convenient for you to know that it is powered through a receiver, with no external device needed. A wireless network connection can also prove to be a breeze with the included Wi-Fi USB adapter. If you are an avid news watcher or like watching a big game on the big screen, this may be the receiver you are looking for.

2. Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker

winegard-pa-1000-dish-playmaker-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesA relatively affordable portable satellite, the Winegard Playmaker is highly versatile in its use. It is ideal for an RV camper, but it is also suitable for fishers and hunters. The Playmaker is powered by a single coaxial cable through a DISH receiver. This provides ease of use and is light in the weight department. Setup takes no more than a few minutes, it is compatible with your current DISH subscription and automatically finds satellite programming without any antenna pointing.


directv-swim-hd-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesSWiM stands for Single Wire Multiswitch and it is a line of technology that DirecTV introduced back in 2007. The idea behind this line of satellites was to make the experience similar to making the experience more like a cable television system. This is a low-cost portable satellite and the selling point behind this satellite is the length at which you could set it up. Easy alignment away from trees can be a breeze and with longer coaxial lengths come with the ability to be installed from farther away.

4. Winegard PL-8035 Playmaker

winegard-pl-8035-playmaker-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesSporting an easy setup portable antenna, a dual portable satellite antenna, and an optimal roof mount, the Winegard Playmaker 8035 provides a great option for those who are looking for satellites that can withstand rough conditions. The Winegard 8035 has a high-strength aluminum reflector to increase signal strength and requires minimal space to function. If you are looking for convenience, this may be the option for you. This is also specifically designed to be compatible with DISH Network, so you can pay for only the months that you need or add to your own home DISH satellite service.

5. Winegard GM-5000 Carryout

winegard-gm-5000-carryout-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesProviding versatile compatibility with DISH Network and DIRECTV, along with multiple coaxial inputs and set elevation to help automatically find satellites, the Winegard 5000 provides great features that separate it from other portable RV satellites. It is equipped with a large reflector and has the uncanny ability to receive DISH programming from a single satellite. It is also lightweight, but rugged at the same time, permitting it to withstand any weather condition.

6. Dish VQ4510 Tailgater

dish-vq4510-tailgater-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesThis Tailgater delivers HD TV service to your satellite anywhere in the lower 48 states in the country. It is exclusive to DISH network and has an included 50-foot coaxial cable, meaning that there are no additional wires needed. With an easy setup complementing the deliverance of both HD and SD programming, the VQ4510 has a lite design and a portable design. It is only usable in a stationary position, so bear that in mind.

7. Winegard PA2035R X1

winegard-pa2035r-x1-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesCompared to other automatic antennas, the Winegard X1 installs faster than other automatic antennas in its class. There is increased signal reliability from the aluminum reflector, as strong performance in adverse weather conditions and has been tested to survive approximately 600,000 miles. It is equipped with a fully automatic satellite dish and is comprised of high-quality materials with a low profile. Faster channel surfing is also available via the performance stepper motor. Dual receiving availability is also present for viewing 2 televisions at once.

8. DISH Network 1000.2 Turbo

dish-network-1000-2-turbo-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesWhen looking for cheap portable satellites, many consumers look for value and getting a bang for their buck. This particular antenna comes with a 50-foot coaxial cable, a 12 foot HDMI cable and an 8-inch flat cable, which allows it to run lines through doors or window cracks without having to manually drill in holes. This receiver comes along with mounting hardware and a reflector as well. The 1000.2 Turbo is relatively cheaper than other options, but an additional network hub may be required for certain receiver models.

9. King VQ4100 Quest

king-vq4100-quest-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesPortable satellites for RVs can be a hassle to find if they are not equipped with the required makeup it needs to withstand the outdoors while maintaining a strong TV service. Fortunately, the King Quest has these features in spades. The King Quest works with DIRECTV SD programming along with the option of a controller accessory to allow compatibility with DISH HD and BELL TV services. Multiple TV viewing and a power injector are also included.

10. Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER Automatic

winegard-sk-1000-travler-automatic-top-10-portable-rv-satellitesWith tri-satellite viewing capability, a roof mount and multiple provider compatibility, the Winegard SK-1000 brings you all of the best that satellite television has to offer. You can watch any program on the TV at the same time and is ideal to use with DVR’s, as you can watch from different satellites simultaneously. Many consumers have been particularly impressed with its performance in finding connections, as it is rarely impeded by trees or nature.