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Top 10 Camp Tables

Camping is a great way to get close to nature, and it’s even better when the conveniences of modern life can be used during the trip. Folding camp tables make it easy to serve food and drinks while away from home. They offer excellent portability for campers and hikers trekking through the outdoors. Many of the top 10 best camp tables are suitable for cooking and serving hot food and drinks. They feature collapsible frames and convenient carrying cases for easy transportation. Setting up and folding down these tables is hassle-free. They’re perfect for tailgating parties, outdoor barbecues, indoor card games and any activity that requires a portable flat surface.

1. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables with Aluminum Table Top

When it comes to preparing and serving meals, the Tao aluminum camping table from Trekology is a great choice. It’s a lightweight camping table that features non-slip feet and a collapsible frame. This portable side table can safely support a heating plate or camp stove, so cooking meals can be convenient and easy in any location. It’s made from weatherproof aluminum that can stand up to any outdoor conditions. Its durable, lightweight design makes it easier to carry than a wooden table of comparable size.

2. Portable Height-Adjustable Aluminum Folding Camping Table

In situations that call for a large, flat surface, it’s nice to have an adjustable-height folding table that can easily be transported to any location. This excellent product from H&B Luxuries is designed to provide balanced, even surface support on any type of terrain. It can easily be folded into a compact shape by collapsing its legs and folding its sides together. It has a convenient carrying handle built into its side, so anyone can transport this lightweight product without any hassle.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

When it comes to dining in the outdoors, a lightweight folding table can come in handy. The ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table is designed to provide ultra lightweight support as well as convenient comfort for a group of campers. Its frame has a cross-legged design to cut down on weight, so each load of camping gear can be as light as possible. It’s always comfortable to sit at the ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table because it has no cross bars or support beams to block your legs from sliding under the table.

4. CampLand Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Table

The CampLand aluminum adjustable-height folding table is one of the lightest, most versatile camping tables available. Its legs are independently adjustable to provide stability on uneven terrain. Weighing just 10 pounds, this outdoor table is designed to be portable and easy to assemble. It doesn’t require any tools to set up and takes just minutes to fully assemble. Objects up to 66 pounds can safely be placed on the surface of this sturdy, attractive camping table.

5. Camco Bamboo Folding Table with Aluminum Legs

For a great compact camping table that can be used in any environment, the Camco Bamboo Folding Table is an excellent choice. As its name suggests, the Camco table is constructed from sturdy, lightweight, high-quality bamboo. It features a beautiful bamboo surface and durable aluminum folding legs. The bamboo material reduces the weight of this table to just nine pounds, and it can safely support up to 85 pounds of weight.

6. Outry Lightweight Folding Table with Cup Holders

One problem that campers often run into when setting their table is the tendency for drinks to spill. The Outry Lightweight Folding Table solves this problem with four cup holders made from lightweight mesh baskets. The Outry table is constructed from ultra lightweight nylon mesh material, so the largest size available weighs just 2.6 pounds. It takes about a minute or so to set up the Outry table. It’s the perfect accompaniment for outdoor dining and gatherings with friends.

7. Finether Height Adjustable Folding Table

This strong, portable folding table from Finether features three adjustable heights for convenient setup in a variety of settings. It’s fully waterproof and easy to clean, so camping can be less stressful and more organized. To provide shade on sunny days, the Finether folding table includes a center hole to support an umbrella. It’s designed for everyday use and all types of outdoor excursions, including tailgating parties and barbecues.

8. KingCamp Camp Table Steel Frame Fold with Safe Lock

For a safe, sturdy table that supports a hefty 176 pounds of weight, the KingCamp camping table is a great choice. It includes a safe lock mechanism to ensure absolute stability in any conditions. The frame is constructed from steel, and the tabletop is made from aluminum alloy with anode oxidation treatment. It’s rust resistant and extremely durable.

9. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

The Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table is the perfect option for camping enthusiasts who need extra table space and multiple surfaces for cooking, cleaning and dining. It collapses to a compact size for excellent portability, and it includes a convenient carrying case to make it easy to take anywhere. Setting up the Camco Deluxe table typically takes less than a minute, so camping trips can always be efficient and organized.

10. Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

Coleman is one of the top brands for camping, and this compact camping table from Coleman is an excellent product. It can be quickly folded down to a small size that’s easy to carry, and it seats up to four people when fully assembled. No tools are required to snap the legs together, and setting it up is quick and easy. This Coleman camping table comes with a sturdy carrying bag for convenient portability.

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With one of these great folding tables, camping outdoors doesn’t have to be uncivilized. The top 10 best camp tables are designed to be lightweight, reliable and resistant to all types of weather.