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Top 10 Best RV Screen Rooms

When you enjoy going camping in your RV, a screen room adds to your living space. These rooms allow fresh air to come in, but they keep out the flies and mosquitoes. The screen rooms do not impede your view, so you can watch the sunrise or sunset in comfort. If the sunshine is too bright, the windows typically include screens that you can pull down as needed. A screen room includes an awning as well as a roof, providing protection in case of a sudden rain shower. These are the top 10 best RV screen rooms to consider.

1. Carefree Vacation’r Screen Room

This screen room is made of durable and lightweight polyvinyl chloride material. It works with a 12-volt awning outlet for ease of use and a fast setup. The screen room fits into the included storage bag. This room works with RV sizes of 16 to 17 feet in length, and the room’s ceiling reaches 8 to 10 feet high. Easy to transport, this screen room only weighs 26 pounds.

2. Carefree Buena Vista+ RV Awning Room

When you want a flexible screen room, this is a wise choice. You can mount the door to the left or right side. It works with both manual and automatic awning setups. The awning’s support beams keep the roof material taught and provide an ideal slope for draining rainwater. On the outside of the room, clear panels zip shut in order to keep out the rain without impeding your view. It includes ground stakes, a skirting panel and a carrying bag.

3. Innova 16′ Limited Add-A-Room

In this Innova screen room, you can relax in comfort with protection from bugs, wind and rain. It features wraparound windows so that you can enjoy a 270-degree view. Panels cover the screens in order to keep out the rain. The awning’s rafters include additional side supports for strength and durability. This screen room is constructed from 1,000 denier vinyl, which resists mold, wind damage and fading. Zipper panels make it easy to set up and take down this room.

4. Solera Patio Awning Family Room

This Solera screen room is made of lightweight gray vinyl. It features 160 feet of enclosed space. The screened windows and vinyl roof protect you from the sun and bugs. Fully zippered privacy panels keep out wind-driven rain and the prying eyes of close campground neighbors. The room’s roof is compatible with 12-volt awnings ranging in length from 10 to 21-foot awnings. It includes a convenient carrying bag for ease of transportation.

5. Dometic Xtend-A-Room Tall

The Dometic screen room attaches to a door or rear lift gate of your RV. This unique screened room has a ramp and a floor for convenience. Its sloped awning allows raindrops to flow away from the RV. Made of reinforced nylon and vinyl, it is both lightweight and strong. The screens include panels that you can zip shut if it starts to rain or if the sunlight it too intense. Adjustable support poles allow it to work with different RV makes and models.

6. Carefree of Colorado Awing Vacation’r

Enjoy the outdoors with this 180 square foot screened room. It features gray nylon and vinyl construction for durability and ease of storage. Weighing just 26 pounds, it includes a convenient carrying bag with handles. This screen room fits RVs measuring 20 to 21 feet long. You decide where to mount the door. Dark privacy panels keep out the rain, and the material is UV-resistant and wind-resistant.

7. Lippert Components Solera Family Room

Relax in comfort in these Lippert Solera screen rooms. Their light gray roof and walls reflect light and keep out the bugs, wind and rain. The windows feature a fine-gauge screen that keeps out most dirt, dust and other particles. Eat your dinner or simply relax while enjoying the view. These rooms are available in sizes of 10 to 21 feet long. They work with an RV height of up to 130 inches, and they can accommodate a manual or power awning of 8 feet in length.

8. Dometic Awnings Screen Room for A-Frame Camper

If you have a compact A-frame camper, this screen room accommodates it. The setup is fast and simple thanks to its pop-up construction style. It can be used as a doorway, entryway or porch. The roof is sloped in a way that drains water off of the top and away from the windows. Protective panels zip over the screens in case of a rain shower. This screen room is made of lightweight polyester and nylon materials.

9. Classic Accessories Toy Hauler Trailer Adjustable Bug/Shade Tailgate Screen

This clever product turns your entire RV into a screen room. It attaches to any doorway, window or lift gate with built-in magnets. The screen’s fine gauge keeps out bugs, but it permits the fresh air to reach your living space. This screen has an adjustable height and width in order to accommodate most RV tailgates. It folds for compact storage.

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10. Innova Universal Add-A-Wall

With this Innova Universal Add-A-Wall, you can turn your cargo bay door into a screened window. Made of durable nylon and polyester, it rolls up and down in just a few seconds. It uses a hook and loop tape system for staying in the open position. You can close the privacy panel for additional shade as needed. This screen accommodates standard RV cargo bay doors measuring 64 to 78 inches tall and 92 to 96 inches wide.