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30 Must-Shop Flea Markets in the South 2020

For avid treasure hunters and lovers of all things old and unique, there are few things more exciting than a good flea market. With its rich history, the American South happens to be one of the best places in the country for markets, shows, and antique shops. Keep reading for Best RV Reviews’ round-up of the 30 must-shop flea markets in the South for 2020.

127 Corridor Sale

From West Unity, Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama

There’s not much to say about the 127 Corridor Sale except: if you can’t find it here, you’re not likely to find it anywhere! This world-famous, must-shop flea market stretches a whopping 654 miles along Route 127 from West Unity, Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama. Pick a section to scour, or spend the entire weekend getting as far as you can. Just leave plenty of space in the trunk!

Anderson Jockey Lot and Farmers’ Market

Belton, South Carolina

While some flea markets can start to feel repetitive, that’s not the case with the Anderson Jockey Lot and Farmers’ Market. Held Saturdays and Sundays year round in the small town of Belton, South Carolina, this must-shop market is chock full of vintage and antique treasures. And when we say “chock full,” we mean it! With vendor booths both indoors and out, the Anderson Jockey Lot and Farmers’ Market is huge!

Arlington Civitan Open Air Market

Arlington, Virginia

The Arlington Civitan Open Air Market is held on the first Saturday of each month, April to October. As one of the largest markets in Northern Virginia, this must-shop flea market ensures that there is a treasure (or more likely, many treasures!) for everyone. The market is especially well known for its vintage finds. Uniquely, the market allows anyone — not just the pros — to sell their goods in exchange for a small fee.

Austin Country Flea Market

Austin, Texas

Texas is famous for its flea markets and swap meets, and as it turns out, the Austin Country Flea Market happens to be one of the oldest and best. Held every weekend year round, this must-shop market tends to be a full-day event. More than 300 vendors reserve booths each week  to sell goods ranging from inexpensive Mexican imports to high-quality antique furniture. In short, you just never know what you’re going to find at the Austin Country Flea Market.

The Big Flea

Chantilly, Virginia

As its name suggests, The Big Flea is massive. Indeed, it’s the largest antiques flea market of the Mid-Atlantic. Held in the D.C. area, The Big Flea occurs approximately six times each year. Every weekend-long event attracts some of the best antiques dealers in the country, plus thousands of shoppers hoping to find their next great treasure. Tickets are $10 for the entire weekend, and can be purchased in advance from the official website.

Brass Bear

Birmingham, Alabama

The Brass Bear is a popular indoor flea market located in Birmingham, Alabama. Open daily, the market boasts products from more than 300 vendors selling just about anything one can think of, and from any era! The Brass Bear is especially well known for its collection of all things shabby chic.

Country Living Fair

Atlanta, Georgia

Country Living magazine has long been a favorite source for all things antiques and homemaking, so it only makes sense that their annual Country Living Fair make our list of the country’s must-shop flea markets. Held in Atlanta, Georgia in October, this one-of-a-kind flea market features a full schedule of seminars and demonstrations, lots of great food, and of course, tons of shopping opportunities. Check the fair’s website for this year’s dates.

Crossville Flea Market

Crossville, Tennessee

Since its establishment in 1977, the Crossville Flea Market has remained one of the most popular markets in all of Tennessee. Held on weekends year round, this must-shop flea market consists of more than 60 acres of vendor booths. Shoppers will find an amazing selection of bargain-priced goods, including items new and old.

Daytona Flea & Farmers Market

Daytona Beach, Florida

USA Weekend named the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market one of the country’s top five markets, and for good reason. This must-shop flea market is absolutely massive, which guarantees lots of hidden treasures and diamonds in the rough. Best of all, it’s extremely affordable, and therefore draws bargain hunters from all over. The Daytona Flea & Farmers Market is open every weekend, Friday through Sunday.

Decker’s Flea Market

Murphy, North Carolina

Decker’s Flea Market is a North Carolina staple. Located in the town of Murphy, this must-shop flea market is a fantastic resource for everything from furniture, to salvaged tile and architectural pieces, to farm supplies. The market is open Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting.


Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Located in downtown Fort Walton Beach, De’France is a large indoor flea market that has long been known for having some of the best antiques in the Florida panhandle. More than 100 vendors are represented in the 13,000-square-foot space, ensuring tons of variety. In fact, De’France’s many specialties include antiques, shabby chic, vintage, repurposed and upcycled pieces, jewelry, architectural salvage, and much more.

Dog Days Flea Market

Ardmore, Tennessee

Once a trading site for animals, the Dog Days Flea Market has evolved over the years into a fun pet-friendly event of a flea market. Held every Saturday and Sunday year round, Dog Days offers everything from antiques and vintage, to plants and hand-made furniture, and everything in between. True to its roots, Sunday markets even include livestock sales of farm animals like ducks, chickens, goats, pigs, and rabbits.

First Monday Trade Days

Canton, Texas

When a flea market has been a community staple for as long as has First Monday Trade Days, you know it’s something special. Indeed, this now-famous flea market has been around for more than 150 years! While it’s no longer a market for the trading of horses and other livestock, the First Monday Trade Days is a great place to find just about anything else one might be on the lookout for. After all, this must-shop flea market — which takes place on the Thursday thru Sunday before the first Monday of each month — boasts nearly 30 miles of vendors!

Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Market

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky is full of great indoor and outdoor flea markets, but one of the highlights is definitely the Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Market. Held along the Ohio River at Waterfront Plaza, this must-shop flea market occurs approximately three times per year: once in the spring, once in the fall, and then again come Christmas time. Merchandise includes everything from antiques, to collectibles, to one-of-a-kind Kentucky Proud (i.e. made in Kentucky) products.

French Market

New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Market is not only one of the South’s must-shop flea markets, it is also one of New Orleans’s must-visit sites. This Louisiana staple has been around in one form or another for a whopping three centuries! Today, it consists of six blocks of antiques, vintage, unique collectibles, and even food. Come hungry! You’ll certainly want to stop and experience a couple of the French Market’s restaurants and cafés as you shop.

Great Smokies Flea Market

Kodak, Tennessee

Located just minutes from the popular tourism areas of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, the Great Smokies Flea Market has been a staple of Great Smoky Mountain National Park for more than a quarter century. The market is held on weekends (Friday through Sunday) year round, and tends to attract upwards of 5,000 people each day. The range of items sold is incredible and includes antiques, home decor, sporting equipment, toys, clothing, jewelry, and automotive. A number of vendors even offer delicious Southern fare to keep your stomach full as you treasure hunt.

Harry Hines Bazaar

Dallas, Texas

Dallas’s contribution to Texas’ and the South’s excellent flea market scene is Harry Hines Bazaar. This huge indoor flea market boasts 180 different vendors, each selling a variety of fun treasures. Just be sure to visit Harry Hines Bazaar while hungry, as this place is an excellent source for delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Hudson’s Surfside Flea Market

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Antiquing may not be the first pastime you think of for a beach vacation, but if you find yourself in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, then you should stop in at Hudson’s Surfside Flea Market. Open throughout the year (though check the website for seasonal hours), Hudson’s consists of more than 400 individual vendors selling everything from jewelry and clothing, to furniture, tools, and antiques.

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market

Cumming, Georgia

The Lakewood 400 Antiques Market has been taking place in Cumming, Georgia for more than 40 years. Over that time, it’s established itself as one of the top flea markets in the entire country. Shoppers can head to the 75,000-square foot indoor market on the third full weekend of each month to find hundreds of vendors from across America. Considered to be more “upscale,” the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market is a great resource for vintage, antiques, architectural salvage, collectibles, upcycled goods, arts and crafts, farmhouse-style decor, and even authentic Civil War memorabilia. Check the official website for a coupon for $1 off general admission.

Lincoln Road Antique & Collectible Market

Miami, Florida

The Lincoln Road Antique & Collectible Market is South Florida’s longest running flea. Held multiple weekends from January through May, and then again from October through December, this must-shop flea market boasts upwards of 125 vendors selling lots of great 20th century antiques, collectibles, and memorabilia. Because market dates can sometimes be inconsistent, we recommend visiting the official website for the full calendar of events.

The Madison Flea Market

Madison, Georgia

Open daily, the Madison Flea Market in Madison, Georgia prides itself on having a large selection of quality, high-end merchandise. This must-shop indoor flea market carries a variety of products, including antiques, vintage, clothing and jewelry, and much more. On Saturdays, a local bluegrass pickup band shows up to entertain the crowds of shoppers.

Nashville Flea Market

Nashville, Tennessee

Widely considered one of the best flea markets in the world, the Nashville Flea Market is a must shop while visiting The Volunteer State. The market is held at the Fairgrounds Nashville on every fourth weekend of the month. It attracts over 1,000 vendors who come from some 30 states o sell their antiques, clothing, homeware, salvage, furniture, and more. No wonder this massive market welcomes more than half a million shoppers each year!

Old Town Flea Market

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

What better place to find delightful old things than a flea market with “old” in its name? Okay, that might be a stretch, but still the Old Town Flea Market fits the bill! Located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and open every day but Monday, the Old Town Flea Market consists of dozens of vendors selling high-quality merchandise at fair prices.

Original Round Top Antiques Fair

Round Top, Texas

Once each season, the town of Round Top, Texas becomes the place to be for avid flea marketers from far and wide. The massive Original Round Top Antiques Fair spans some 25 miles and attracts hundreds of vendors. Dealer booths represent everything from traditional American folk art, to collectible vintage toys, to European antiques, and everything in between. When you need a break from shopping, check out the myriad food and drink stands or one of the live music concerts.

Pendergrass Flea Market

Pendergrass, Georgia

Not only is the Pendergrass Flea Market a massive indoor flea market, it’s a great family outing, too. Your group’s youngest members might enjoy taking a spin on the amusement park-type rides, riding a pony, or visiting the petting zoo. The Pendergrass Flea Market, which is located a short distance from Athens, Georgia, attracts more than 700 vendors selling few true antiques, but lots of great newer things.

Raleigh Flea Market

Raleigh, North Carolina

With the exception of October, the Raleigh Flea Market takes place each weekend at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. This must-shop flea market, which appears on a number of Best Of lists, is well known for the many “diamonds in the rough” that have been found here. The 600+ regular vendors are also known to be priced extremely reasonably.

Renninger’s Mount Dora

Mount Dora, Florida

Renninger’s is one of the most exciting names in the flea market world, and one of the group’s best markets happens to be in Mount Dora, Florida. Held weekly, this must-shop flea market boasts upwards of 500 vendors specializing in antiques ranging from the typical to the not-so-typical (restored horse buggy, anyone?). Three times each year, Renninger’s Mount Dora puts on its massive Extravaganza market. Check the website for this year’s dates, then come prepared — the Extravaganza is huge!

Scott Antique Market

Atlanta, Georgia

On the second weekend of each month, thousands of treasure hunters flock to Atlanta, Georgia to shop the Scott Antique Market. Often considered to be one of the best in the country, this must-shop flea market takes place indoors and attracts more than 2,000 vendors selling antiques, collectibles, and other cool finds from myriad times and places.

The Sweetwater Flea Market

Sweetwater, Tennessee

This east Tennessee flea market is huge! Four football fields long, to be exact, and held all indoors! You’ll want to set aside lots of time for browsing The Sweetwater Flea Market, which is open every Saturday and Sunday. Vendors rotate from week to week, but there’s always a great selection of antiques, furniture, clothing, arts and crafts, collectibles, electronics, and more.

Texas Antique Weekend

Fayetteville, Texas to Carmine, Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Well, that’s definitely true in the case of Texas Antique Weekend, a massive event that covers nearly 30 acres along Highway 237. The weekend-long event is held twice yearly (usually in April and October), and draws thousands of visitors and vendors from across America. While just about anything can be found at this must-shop flea market, common finds include mid-century-style holiday decor, Victorian-era household goods, furniture, and Majolica ceramic, to name but a few.

West Palm Beach Antiques Festival

West Palm Beach, Florida

There’s something to be said about hitting up flea markets and antique shows in areas known for their wealthy populations. Perhaps that’s why the West Palm Beach Antiques Festival is considered such a gem when it comes to finding hidden treasures. The festival, which is held monthly from March until June, attracts some 200 vendors selling everything from antique photographs to Federal-era furniture and everything in between. General admission to the show is $10, though a VIP “early shopper” ticket is also available.