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Top 10 Best RV Generators

RV travel and camping can be an immensely rewarding way to see the country. But like all motorized vehicles, they require maintenance, equipment replacement, and repair. One of the unique aspects of that upkeep that helps maintain the peak comfort and convenience in RVs is ensuring a steady, mobile power supply. If you’re looking to upgrade an existing generator or replace one that has seen its best years on the road, it can be difficult to know which products and companies are the best sources. To help ease the search, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite models.

1. Pulsar 4,650-Watt Gas Power

The powder coated frame of this generator protects a powerful engine with a four-gallon fuel tank. While on the road, it provides 3,600 watts of running power with a peak performance of 4,650 watts, which translates to 11 hours of running time at half capacity. Equipped with two 120-volt 20A outlets, one 120-volt 30A RV port, and one 120-volt/240-volt outlet with a twist lock, this generator provides ample port space for any tool or appliance need.

2. 4000-Watt RV Ready Generator from Champion

This generator pairs ultimate performance and power with ease of use and quiet operation. It’s lighter than previous models and has particular power-saver technology to allow for more extended continuous use on the road. Not only will it power tools and heavier appliances, but it also provides clean operation energy for more delicate electronics, which means movie night under the stars is an option for any camping family, couple or group.

3. Champion 3100-Watt Inverter

For RV travelers with lighter energy needs, this generator checks all the boxes. It provides 3100 starter watts with a continuous stream of 2800 watts and an eight-hour running time at a 25 percent load. In addition to a generous power output, this model comes with a few extra features. Owners can start and stop the generator wirelessly at up to 80 feet with a unique key fob, and it provides plenty of energy to operate sensitive electronics, which makes it ideal for both play and work while on the road.

4. 2200-Watt Portable and Super-Quiet Generator

Honda has a name for reliable products, and this lightweight powerhouse of a generator is no exception. The EU2200i is ideal for use while camping, RV traveling, and even around the home, and provides power without fanfare or excessive noise. Depending on power needs, it can run between four and nine hours on a single tank. Plus, it’s the ultimate in compact power generation, which means an additional unit won’t take up excessive space.

5. Propane Power from All Power America

While this generator runs at about 75 decibels, it provides superior power output for pressing power needs while on the road. With a 10,000-watt peak power capability, it will offer a full 9,000 watts of continuous power. At half capacity, a single tank provides more than eight hours of reliable power, and the unit comes equipped with plenty of outlets for both heavy and light appliance operation. If you’re planning a get together with other RV enthusiasts or if you’re on an extended vacation, this model is perfect for all your needs.

6. Briggs & Stratton 6,500-Watt Inverter Generator

Models using inverter technology are known for their quieter operation capabilities, while not stinting on the energy. Efficient and user-friendly, this generator offers any RV traveler a lightweight, compact, and quiet means of powering appliances, electricity, and electronic devices. It’s rated as 45 percent more compact and 30 percent lighter than other models that deliver the same power, and it has a run time of 14 hours at 25 percent capacity. A noise-dampening outer shell means it won’t keep you or your neighbors at the RV campground from enjoying the beauty of nature.

7. Westinghouse Super Quiet Inverter

If you’re interested in long-distance RV experiences, it’s essential to have a generator that meets even the strictest standards in other states. This model prevents headaches, and not just because it’s designed to be extraordinarily quiet. It also complies with CARB standards, a body of California codes that regulate pollution and noise outputs of generators and other types of fuel-run machinery. With both a remote-start key fob and a recoil-start option, this generator runs quietly, efficiently, and provides superior levels of energy. 3800 rated watts are available for use for up to 18 hours.

8. DuroStar DS4000S Generator

This gas-powered model provides a whopping 3300 watts of continuous energy for up to eight hours on a single four-gallon tank. The durable steel frame protects the generator, and DuroStar has equipped it with an oil warning light, voltage meter readout, and emergency circuit breakers to protect you. The powerful engine is air cooled and also has a low-oil emergency shut off function that will prevent accidents on the road.

9. WEN 3100-Watt Super-Quiet Generator

The four-stroke OHV engine supplies 3100 startup watts, with a smooth flow of 2800 rated watts for extended run time. Plus, while satisfying both EPA III and CARB standards, this super-quiet generator provides clean energy, which is ideal for operating sensitive electronic devices. Whether you’re on an extended tour of the country or getting together with friends close to home, this is an ideal generator for every recreational need.

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10. Generac 7117 2200-Watt Generator

If your plans don’t include running heavy machinery, you may not want one of the more powerful models. Many RV travelers most desire sufficient, clean power to run their small appliances, lights, and sensitive electronics, such as phones, tablets, and laptops. This generator is ideal. It provides ten hours of power at 1700 watts if run at 25 percent capacity and can even be linked with another of its type for extra power output needs.