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Top 10 Best Camping Hammocks

While camping has long been a favorite way to recharge and refresh one’s perspective, the elemental problem of warm, safe, and dry bedding has sometimes perplexed lovers of the outdoors. Hammocks are the ideal solution to this quandary, no ground cloth required. While it’s far from a new idea in general, knowing which sort of hammock is best and which companies make the most reliable, easy to set up or store models can be a bit of a conundrum. To simplify the search for the best camping hammock to meet any need, we’ve compiled a list of our ten favorite offerings.

1. MallowMe Family Camping Hammock

Whether campers are hiking on their own or taking the whole family along, this hammock is ideal. Crafted from durable 210T nylon, its unique strap design and patented no-snag carabiners allows comfortable and safe rest. It has a weight limit of 1000 pounds, which means more than one person can enjoy it at once, making it ideal for couples and families. And when the time comes to strike camp, the hammock, ropes, and hardware stow easily in its waterproof carrying sack.

2. Winner Outfitters Double Hammock

Crafted from ultra-durable materials, this double camping hammock can be set up anywhere, from backyards to the beach, on camping and hiking trips, or peaceful fishing excursions. In addition to the hammock, measuring 78 inches in width and 118 inches in length, campers or backyard napping champions will find sturdy ropes, tree straps, and easy-to-use hardware. A weight limit of 500 pounds makes it the perfect addition to couples activities in the great outdoors.

3. Double Hammock from Honest Outfitters

Whether on a solo hike or hanging out with a friend, this hammock comfortably accommodates up to 500 pounds. In less than three minutes, anyone can easily set up a comfortable and safe resting place, clear of the ground and ideal for any outdoor pursuit. Measuring 118 inches in length and 78 inches wide, the kit comes with sturdy tree straps and reliable steel carabiners. It comes in seven color combinations and will make beach going, hiking, backyard play, or any outdoor venue more fun.

4. Single or Double Occupancy Hammocks by Wise Owl

Offered in 16 bright color combinations, Wise Owl brings campers both single and double occupancy hammocks ideal for any activity in the great outdoors. The 210T nylon is both strong and soft, providing the perfect experience in safety and comfort. Equipped with ropes and sturdy carabiners, the hammocks fold down for easy stowing on the trail, taking up only the space of a small eggplant in any pack. Included with purchase is a complimentary electronic guide that teaches the skill of easy knot making, rendering everyone a pro before they set out at the trailhead.

5. Legit Camping Double Hammock

Military grade 210T nylon makes Legit’s hammock a soft and safe bed on the trail. With a 400-pound load capacity, it easily accommodates more than one explorer, and the easy-to-set-up design renders making and striking camp simple. This compact hammock also comes with its own carrying sack, which accommodates carabiners, straps, and the hammock itself, which makes it easy to grab and go.

6. Luxury Camping Hammock from Gold Armour

If you’re in the market for a hammock that can accommodate more than just one and has all the bells and whistles, this is a great option. With a breaking load capacity of 1000 pounds, the sixteen straps and steel carabiners make for ultra-safe and secure snoozing on the trail or in the backyard. The patented no-stretch seams in this 210T nylon hammock are triple stitched for the ultimate durability, but the entire set-up folds down into a carrying bag that weighs only 1.5 pounds.

7. A Double Nest from Eagles Nest Outfitters

What could be better than time spent in nature? Why not take a friend or loved one along to enjoy the splendor of clear air and quiet spaces, whether that’s along the trail or in the backyard? The nylon taffeta of this double hammock supports up to 400 pounds and comes with easy-to-assemble attachments for any upright—from poles to boat masts.

8. Forbidden Road’s Double Hammock

The astonishingly durable nylon construction comes in 11 crowd-pleasing colors and supports a weight load of up to 400 pounds. But it’s also designed for comfort as well as safety. The soft texture encourages sleep better than other fabric finishes for the same basic nylon material, and the 103-inch by 55-inch dimensions accommodate two adults safely. When the sun rises and calls for campers to wake, this tent folds down for compact and lightweight storage that won’t hog space in the traveler’s pack.

9. Double Hammock by Bear Butt

Once you’ve had a giggle at the clever name, you’ll want to appreciate the durability and forethought for comfort that went into this double camping hammock’s design. While most hammocks of this type are crafted from 210T nylon, Bear Butt experts took it one step further. They chose the softest taffeta finish to encourage restful sleep on the trail or anywhere you might need to set up camp. The material also has a 75d measurement, which indicates its overall strand strength. With carabiners, straps, and its own special pack, this double hammock can be set up in no time to accommodate up to 500 pounds of combined nappers.

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10. Double Hammock from Elementex

This double hammock was designed for ease and convenience. When it arrives, the durable metal carabiners are already attached to loops at the end, and a handy how-to guide shows step-by-step setup and storage methods. The material is also the easiest to wash and quick to dry, meaning that no matter what the elements have to offer, dirt or rain or whatever that was on your boot that one time, it washes clean in a snap.