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Top 10 Best RV Skirts

RV skirts are similar to bed skirts in their look and partly in their function. They are pieces of material that go around the bottom of the RV and reach the ground. The purpose of RV skirting is to reduce unwanted heat exchange through the RV’s floor with the outdoor air. The RV skirting also reduces wind, rain and animal intrusion to the under parts of the RV. If you plan to move into your RV, RV skirting is a must. Even if you just set up camp for a few weeks, RV skirting is a helpful accessory for increasing comfort. These are the 10 best RV skirts.

1. RV WindSkirt Silver Skirt Panel

Made by the RV WindSkirt company, this skirt measures 72 inches by 120 inches. It meets modern campground requirements for skirting around your RV. The panel is made out of silver material, which reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. The wind-resistant material prevents dirt and dust from blowing under your RV and working its way up and through the floor. This panel also reduces the risk of freezing of your RV’s plumbing.

2. Adco Polar White 5th Wheel Skirt

This skirt by Adco features reflective white material that resists mold, wind and moisture. Measuring 64 inches tall by 266 inches long, it is designed to turn the space under your fifth wheel into a storage area for supplies or equipment. Three heavy-duty zippers allow you to access stored items from three sides. The removable Velcro cutout accommodates your vehicle’s trailer hitch. It comes in a kit that includes spikes and screws for easy installation.

3. ICON J-Panel RV Skirting

This RV skirting by ICON comes in stiff panels for ease of installation and durability. The panels have a J configuration, allowing them to connect to one another and to provide coverage around corners. Made from high-impact ABS plastic, the panels resist scuffs, mold growth and corrosion. Hook and loop joiners make it easy to put the panels on and take them off in a hurry. The panels measure 52 inches wide by 17 inches long by 3 inches deep.

4. Camco 5th Wheel Vinyl Skirt

This skirt, model 45381, for RVs features a light beige color, which helps reduce unwanted heat under your RV. The wind and moisture-resistant vinyl is durable, allowing you to use it with confidence in any weather conditions. Zipper panels allow you to easily access items that you have stored behind the panels. This skirt comes with galvanized steel spikes and stainless steel grommets for ease of installation.

5. Adco 5th Wheel Skirt

The model 3503 skirt for RVs allows you to create a storage area under your fifth wheel’s elevated bed. It has zippers on the panels, making it easy to access the equipment. An access hole for the trailer hitch means that you do not have to take down the skirt if you want to disengage the RV from your truck. This skirt measures 64 inches tall by 266 inches long, and it comes in a polar white color.

6. Adco 5th Wheel Skirt

The model 3501 of Adco skirts for fifth wheels measures 64 inches high by 236 inches long. It turns your overhang into a helpful storage area for bikes, an ATV or other equipment. This skirt comes with fasteners and tent spikes for securing to the ground. Three zippers facilitate access to your stored belongings. A hook and loop tape cutout allows you to quickly access the trailer hitch. It comes in a bright white color of laminated vinyl.

7. Mobile Home Skirting Box of 10 White Panels

Stay for a while when you use this mobile home skirting. It comes as a box of 10 separate panels, and they each measure 28 inches tall by 16 inches wide. You can trim them with a saw in order to get an exact fit for your RV. These panels are designed for long-term use, making them ideal if you plan to live in your RV. Made of white vinyl, the panels interlock for simple and fast installation.

8. Camco 5th Wheel Vinyl Skirt

Measuring 292 inches long by 68 inches tall, this fifth wheel skirt offers durable vinyl construction. Model 45382 can be used to protect bicycles, a canoe or other items from sunlight, rain or wind. The bright white color is opaque, hiding any items you want to store underneath your fifth wheel’s overhang. This skirt offers zippers on each side and a cut-out for your trailer hitch. It includes stakes for securing the bottom of the panels to the ground.

9. RV WindSkirt Skirt Panel for Stairs and Doors

Do not forget about your RV’s stairs or door when protecting it from the elements. This skirt panel keeps the area under your RV’s stairs and doors covered, ensuring that you comply with campground rules. It is made out of durable brown vinyl. Resistant to mold, mildew, wind and moisture, it keeps debris out of the underparts of your RV. It snaps on in just a few seconds. It also covers RV tires.

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10. RV WindSkirt Storage Bag

Use this durable storage bag by RV WindSkirt to get your skirt to any location. Its vinyl construction offers wind and rain resistance. It also resists fading in direct sunlight. This bag has two woven nylon handles for ease of carrying. A long zipper makes it easy for you to get into the bag and access the wind skirt. This bag is also ideal for storing the skirt when it is not in use.