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Top 10 Best Portable Waste Water Tanks

By BRVR Staff
October 2019

This article reviews the top 10 portable waste water tanks available online.

When you’re setting up a long-term camp in your RV, emptying your waste tank can be a hassle. If you don’t want to break camp to drive over to the dump station, a portable waste water tank can be a convenient solution. Instead of moving your RV, you can simply empty the grey water or black water tanks into the portable tank — then, you can roll that smaller tank to the dump station for emptying. As you’re looking at different models, consider the size; a bigger portable tank allows you to carry more at a time, which is ideal for families. It’s also a good idea to look at the number of wheels, the handle, and the dumping mechanism.

1. Camco Rhino

Camco Rhino Portable Waste Water Tanks

If you have a small RV, this Camco Rhino tank can streamline the dumping process. It holds 21 gallons, so it’s perfect for frequent emptying. The heavy-duty material prevents leaks, and the heavy-duty wheels roll effortlessly over any type of terrain. We love the low drain hole; it ensures that there’s nothing left in the bottom of the tank. The included Rhino Extreme sewer hose comes with tight fittings to make emptying a mess-free experience.

2. Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Portable Waste Water Tanks

Carry up to 42 gallons of wastewater with this Barker 30844 tank. It’s made from blow-molded polyethylene that’s strong and leak free. Three wheels help you pull the tank when it’s full; the front wheel swivels for easy maneuvering. All three wheels are built with axle bearings for strength and stability. Use the handle to tow the tank, and rely on the standard valve to eliminate the need to lift the tank up to the dump station.

3. Tote-N-Stor 25609 Portable Waste Transport

Tote-N-Stor Portable Waste Water Tanks

Rugged and durable, the Tote-N-Stor 25609 takes the hassle out of emptying the tanks on your RV. The tough tank holds up to 32 gallons with ease, and the 36 inches of included drain hose reaches easily to your RV. Lift the end of the tank using the built-in handle; it rolls comfortably on two wheels, so you can travel from your campsite to the dump station. There’s even a tow bracket, so you can pull a full tank behind your vehicle.

4. SmartTote2 40518 LX

SmartTote2 Portable Waste Water Tank

Do you have a compact RV? This SmartTote2 40518 LX portable waste tank is a great choice. It’s fabricated with a polypropylene tank and four sturdy rubber wheels that stand up to regular trips to the dump station. If you don’t want to pull the tank by hand, use the included hitch attachment to pull it with your vehicle. Between uses, tuck the accessories into the storage compartment so they’re ready when you need them.

5. VINGLI Tote Tank

VINGLI Tote Portable Waste Water Tank

Empty the black or grey water from your RV with this VINGLI tote tank. It holds 20 gallons, so it’s ideal for smaller units. The integrated air release vent makes it easy to reduce the interior pressure, and the level indicator lets you know when the tank is getting full. With its three large wheels, this tank is a breeze to tow across the RV park. Built-in handles and lightweight materials make this tank easy to maneuver.

6. SmartTote2

SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank

Do you have an RV for one or two people? With its 12-gallon capacity, the SmartTote2 is the perfect way to transport waste water. The sturdy sides are rugged yet lightweight, and the integrated top handle helps you lift one end for easy pulling. As you do, the two wheels on the other end enable the tank to move smoothly. It’s also compatible with a tow strap for days when you want to pull it behind your car. We like the AutoStop gauge, which prevents the tank from overflowing.

7. SmartTote2 Portable Waste Tote

SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank

Make occasional trips to the dump station with the help of this SmartTote2 40503 tank. It holds up to 35 gallons and fills using the included sewer hose. The polypropylene sides are built to last, and the AutoStop level stops the flow when the tank is full. Pull this tank by hand or hook up a strap for easy towing. Between uses, the retainer strap protects the discharge hose and keeps everything together.

8. Tote-N-Store Portable Waste Transport 4 Wheeler

Tote-N-Store Portable Waste Transport 4 Wheeler

Take the hassle out of waste management in your RV with this Tote-N-Store 20122 tank. With its 18-gallon reservoir, it’s the ideal size for occasional dumping. The included adapter features two metal rings that slip over the ball hitch on your vehicle, so you can pull a full tank without straining your body. The best part? This tank features four wheels for stability. Plus, since it comes with a variety of hose caps and adapters, it’s a breeze to hook up.

9. Thetford Smarttote2 Standard 2

Thetford Smarttote2 2-Wheel Portable Waste Tank

Haul large loads of waste in the Thetford Smarttote2 Standard 2 tank. With its long shape and 5-foot hose, this tank is a breeze to fill and empty. Rely on the AutoStop gauge to prevent the waste water from spilling over, and use the rugged rubber wheels to ensure easy rolling. When you’re storing the tank between uses, flip the retainer strap over the hose to keep it safely in place.

10. Thetford Smart Portable Waste Tote Tank with 4 Wheels

Portable Waste Water Tanks

Compact and durable, the Thetford 40510 enables you to carry up to 18 gallons of waste at a time. The Permastore system makes it easy to handle and store the hose, and the permanent mount prevents accidental disconnection. Use the pivoting cradle to move the hose into place, and rely on the AutoStop technology to release the excess water from the bottom of the tank.

With the right portable waste tank, emptying your RV doesn’t have to be a hassle. By choosing the best tank for your setup and the number of campers, you can get rid of waste quickly and efficiently.

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