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Top 10 Best RV Coffee Makers

Is it really RVing if there’s no coffee? Some would argue that it’s not even worth it! If you are the type that can’t live without your morning java, you’ll want to pay attention. We’ve highlighted 10 of the best RV coffee makers right here.

For many people, life on the road is synonymous with a great cup of joe. But it’s not always easy to find good coffee in your travels. And let’s face it—your neighborhood Starbucks is probably miles away. However, brewed perfection is just moments away with these coffee makers for your camper.

Best Camp Stove RV Coffee Maker:

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Colman Camping Top 10 RV coffee makers

If you travel with a camp stove, the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker is the top camp stove coffee maker on the market for RVing, camping, and outdoor recreation. It’s ideal for those times when you’re off the grid. Sure, you could use your generator, but this bad-boy is a terrific alternative, especially when you want more than a single cup.

It looks just like an old-style plug-in coffee maker but is designed to fit right over a camp stove burner. Use a standard eight to ten cup filter for your grounds, pour the desired amount of water into the reservoir, and turn on your flame. As the water boils, the coffee will brew right into the included glass carafe.

It takes a little longer to brew a full pot than an electric machine, but if you’re especially impatient, avail yourself of the Pause ‘N Serve feature and grab yourself a cup while the rest is brewing. The coffee maker measures 8.5 x 11 x 14 inches and fits most camp stoves. It makes up to ten cups.

Best RV Single-Cup Pod Coffee Maker:

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Top 10 RV Coffeemakers

You didn’t think we could talk about coffee without recommending a Keurig, did you? The same great features that make this brand a best seller for home are just as appealing for travelers. Provided you have a power source, you can use your favorite K-cups anywhere and anytime without skipping a beat.

Slim and efficient, the K-Mini is the best single-cup coffee maker for Rving that we’ve found. It’s less than five inches wide, so it takes up less counter space than a traditional Keurig. Plus, it features convenient cord storage in the back to keep counters tidy. Like most Keurigs, it comes in black, but those who want a splash of vintage color can opt for blue, pink, or gray.

It will brew any size cup up to 12 ounces, so you can use your favorite coffee cup or opt for a travel mug. It uses standard coffee pods. Pop one in, pour water in from the cup you want to use, press brew, and ta-dah! Freshly brewed coffee in short order.

Best RV Under Cabinet Coffee Maker:

BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker Under The Cabinet Coffee Maker

Black and Decker under counter top 10 RV Coffee Makers

This space-saving option from BLACK+DECKER under-the-counter coffee maker for RV’s weighs just eleven pounds and is fully programmable. It’s the best option for folks who know how hard it is to make the coffee before you’ve had the coffee. Fully programmable, you can ensure seamless mornings with a fresh cup of joe hot and ready upon awakening.

The unit attaches with ease to most flat-bottomed RV cabinets and comes with a mounting template to keep things simple. It has a removable water reservoir, auto shut-off, and a hot plate so your coffee won’t get cold. The sneak-a-cup feature halts the flow while you grab a cup mid-cycle, so there’s no dripping or spilling.

The 12-cup glass carafe means you can keep the java flowing, and a two-year limited warranty protects you against defects should you need a replacement. If you’re wondering if this coffee maker will fit in your RV, the unit measures 17 x 12 x 13 inches.

Cheapest Single-Serve RV Coffee Maker:

Casara Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker

Casara single serve top 10 RV Coffee Makers

If you only need to make one cup at a time, this handy single-serve Casara coffee maker is the cheapest single-serve RV coffee maker we’ve found. It’s similar to a small hotel coffee maker but comes with a sturdy stainless steel travel mug instead of a glass carafe. Program it the night before, and you can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

We love that you can use both K-cups or loose grounds in this machine—it features an attachment for each. Plus, it’s pretty fast. Once you pour the water in and press the start button, it begins to brew right away.

The one complaint we have about this coffee maker is its fairly loud, so if you’re an early riser sleeping in close quarters, keep that in mind. Otherwise, it’s an excellent little machine that does the job for about half the cost of more well-known brands.

Best RV Iced-Coffee Maker:

Asobu Coldbrew Portable Coffee Maker

Asobu cold brew top 10 RV Coffee Makers

The Asobu Coldbrew Portable Coffee Maker is a stylish choice in a camping, RV, or motorhome coffee maker. Cold brewing pairs exceptionally well with off-grid RVing since it needs no power source. Of course, it also requires a certain amount of patience, but for those who are willing to plan ahead, the Asobu Coldbrew might be just the ticket.

Coffee connoisseurs say that cold brewing creates an unforgettable cup of mud that’s much less acidic and easier on the stomach than hot brewed coffee. While you can always heat it in a pan or microwave once it’s ready, most people utilize cold-brew methods for making great-tasting iced coffee.

The Asobu has a double-walled copper-insulated 24-ounce stainless steel carafe that is BPA free and leakproof. It takes about 12 hours to brew, so if you’re an iced-coffee enthusiast, you may want to have a couple of them in rotation. That way, you won’t ever run out of your favorite elixir. Available in white, black, copper, or silver, it weighs just two and a half pounds and stashes easily in your rig.

Best Grinder/Brewer Combo Coffee Maker for RVing:

Sboly Grind and Brew Automatic Single Serve Coffee Maker

Sboly grind and bew top 10 RV coffee makers

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of brewing your own fresh ground coffee, and this Sboly two-in-one grinder and coffee maker for your RV or motorhome will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. Its space-saving design is compact enough for RVing, and because it uses loose grounds, you’ll save money on pods while reducing your carbon footprint.

The machine makes one cup at a time, grinding immediately before brewing. It features both fine and coarse-grinding options, so you can pick your preference. However, if you prefer to use pre-ground coffee, you can do that too.

There’s an adjustable drip tray you can move up or down depending on your mug’s size, and the dishwasher-safe accessories come off easily and can be cleaned with a thorough rinse. Your order also comes with a handy stainless steel to-go mug with a sliding lid.

Best Large Stainless Steel RV Coffee Maker:

Cuisinart Stainless Steel 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Cuisinart stainless top 10 RV coffee makers

Not all coffee-loving rovers want or need a compact unit. For many travelers, the coffee maker is the RV kitchen’s focal point, and many are willing to sacrifice valuable counter space if it means easy and constant access to their favorite brew. If a durable large-capacity coffee maker is what you’re looking for, this Cuisinart 12-cup coffee maker is ideal for bigger RVs and rigs.

For starters, it features a thermal 12-cup stainless steel carafe, so unlike glass, you don’t need to worry about it breaking during transport. But the carafe also keeps your coffee hot for hours, a must if you’re a multi-cup drinker.

The machine features 24-hour programmability so you can plan to have it ready in the morning for the early risers in your party. The brew pause will let the most impatient campers grab a cup before it’s done brewing. An easy-to-read backlit LCD keeps you in the loop, plus it has an optional ready tone and automatic shut-off.

Best Campfire Coffee Maker for RVers:

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Eight-Cup Percolator Coffee Pot

GSI percolator top 10 RV coffee pots

If you’re forced to prepare coffee on the campfire, you want the right pot for the job. Boondockers will love this old-school campfire coffee percolator for RVing and camping from GSI Outdoors. Corrosion and rustproof, it’s made with heavy-gauge 18/8 stainless steel and built to withstand anything you can throw at it.

This is your classic three-piece percolator with an inner basket and hinged lid. It’s got a pour spout and stainless steel handle, but it also has a wire bail handle at the top. This vital feature sets it apart from many others on the market and makes it easy to hang over an open fire.

It’s super rugged and made to withstand drops, and even if you have an electric coffee maker in your rig, it’s worth having a percolator handy in case of power outages. Highly versatile, it can also be used on a grill, camp stove, or even a regular stovetop. If you need to caffeinate a crowd, the pot comes in larger sizes, too, including 14, 28, and 36-cup options.

Best RV Coffee Maker for Boondocking:

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

Colman quickpot top 10 RC coffee makers

The Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker is perfect for RV boondocking and fits snugly between completely roughing it and glamping. It’s campy, but not too campy, and it’s got a back-woods flair all its own. To use it, all you do is measure your grounds into the removable basket, add water, and hit the insta-start button. It takes about 18 minutes to make a full 10-cup carafe.

A single 16.4-ounce propane cylinder will power this coffee maker for a little over four hours, so it’s pretty cost-efficient. The Colman QuikPot is also perfect for tailgating, off-grid living, tent camping, or anywhere you need coffee and don’t have access to electricity.

When hooked up to the cylinder, this coffee maker is relatively bulky, so you will need a little space. Most RVers we’ve spoken with like to use it outside on a picnic table. An optional carrying case and stainless steel carafe can be purchased separately from Coleman.

Best French Press Coffee Maker for RVs:

ESPRO P7 French Press Coffee Maker

ESPRO french press top 10 RV coffee makers

As long as you have access to hot water during your travels, you can make beyond-perfect coffee with a French press. Invented in France in 1852, this cafetière—as it’s called—uses a plunger and filter screen to press hot water through ground coffee. The result is an unparalleled flavor experience that you might just get hooked on.

ESPROS’s P7 is our favorite French press coffee maker for RVs. Crafted with durable and insulated double-walled stainless steel, it is completely BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free. Unlike cheaper brands, it features a patented microfilter that keeps your cup free of sludge and grit so that your last sip tastes just as good as your first.

The exterior of the unit stays cool to the touch, although your coffee will stay hot for hours in the carafe. You can also steep tea in the ESPRO if you like. The press comes in two sizes: 18 or 32-ounces and is available in black, white, brushed, or polished stainless steel.

Which Coffee Maker is Best For RVing?

While nearly everyone can agree that coffee is essential, choosing the best way to make it when you’re on the road depends on several factors. If you’re on the fence about the right coffee maker for your camping style, take a look at these three considerations.

How Much Coffee Do You Need?

If you’re RVing solo or with one other person, a mini-pot or single-serving coffee maker might work out perfectly fine. These smaller versions of a standard coffee machine take up less counter space and are easy to store when it comes time to hit the road.

On the other hand, if you go through a pot a day or you are camping with a group or large family, a standard size 10-12 cup machine might be a more practical option.

Will You Have Access To Electricity in Your RV?

This is the big question, as all regular coffee makers require some juice to work. Sure, you can use your RV’s generator, but will you need it for other appliances first thing in the morning?

If you’re going to be at one park for the entire season, keeping a standard coffee maker on your outdoor table under an awning might be the most practical and inexpensive choice for some RVers. You might even have one already in your basement or attic gathering dust. Just be sure you have a safe extension cord to power it up.

However, if you’re planning to visit a lot of national parks or backcountry locations with no hookups, you’ll need a plan B. That’s where options like the Coleman’s QuickPot Coffee Maker (which runs off propane) or the GSI Outdoors campfire percolator truly shine.

How Much Do You Want To Spend for an RV Coffee Maker?

Hard-core coffee enthusiasts will probably want to shop for the best machine they can afford, especially if it’s going to be getting a workout. Depending upon your preferences, you may want extras like grinders or the ability to program the machine, so your coffee is ready when you wake up.

If you’re always on the go and want your coffee fast, a Keurig is ideal for reliability and convenience. K-cups are easy to store and eliminate the need for measuring. If you love the idea of coffee pods, but Keurig is not in your budget, single-serving pod-style machines like the Casara will work, although they can take slightly longer to brew.

If you are RVing off the grid and absolutely can’t live without your mud, you should make buying a reliable and durable unit your top priority. Nothing ruins a morning like a crappy caffeine experience. Coleman’s Camp Stove Coffee Maker is one option. You can use it outside with your existing camp stove and brew a great cup of coffee every single time.

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