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Top 10 Best RV Vacuums

By BRVR Staff

March 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best RV vacuums available online.

When you’re choosing a vacuum cleaner for your RV, size matters — most motorhomes have very limited storage space, so a small model is a must. What other factors should you consider? That depends on your specific setup. If you like to bring pets along on RV trips, be sure to look for a vacuum with a pet-hair brush. For pop-up campers or very small trailers, a handheld model might offer the right balance of suction and size. Don’t forget about accessories; a long stem can help you reach under RV furniture, while wet/dry models offer versatility to clean up after little ones.

1. Eureka Blaze

Eureka Blaze - RV Vacuum

Do you have a larger RV? Clean up quickly with the help of the Eureka NES210 Blaze. This vacuum features an upright design, so it’s comfortable to use on a large expanse of floor. With its slim body and stick-style design, this model slips easily into a closet or a corner. Rely on the swiveling head to reach into every corner, and trust the powerful capture nozzle to pull up debris efficiently. The Blaze features a three-in-one design that transforms from a mini vacuum to a handheld to an upright in seconds.

2. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum for RV

Compact and easy to use, this MOOSOO cordless vacuum streamlines quick cleaning tasks. We love the trigger-style handle; use it to switch the suction on and off as needed to preserve the battery life. When you’re cleaning a larger floor area, snap on one of the four included attachments for custom cleaning. No matter which one you choose, the LED searchlight helps you spot dust in dark corners, and the cyclonic filtration system prevents dust from escaping back into the air.

3. Eureka Whirlwind

Eureka Whirlwind RV Vacuum

Are you traveling in an RV with kids? The Eureka NEN110A Whirlwind vacuum provides the heavy-duty cleaning power you need. The multi-surface design works on hard floors, carpets, and upholstery, so it’s a great option for every surface in the motorhome. Maneuver the lightweight frame with ease into every nook and cranny. The best part? This model comes with a power cord, so you don’t have to worry about charging a battery.

4. Bissell Featherweight

Bissell Featherweight RV Vacuum

Embrace the legendary Bissell vacuum technology with the 20334 Featherweight. This affordable vacuum is ultra light and compact, making it a great option for the small space of an RV. Convert it from a handheld to an upright vacuum in seconds for flexible cleaning power. With a variety of available colors, it’s a breeze to match your RV decor scheme.

5. Shark Rocket Ultra-Light

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light RV Vacuum

One of the best RV vacuums on the market, the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light is built for portability. The secret is the handheld control unit, which contains the motor and the dust bin. Attach the crevice tool to get into small areas, or use the included TruePet motorized brushto clean up pet hair. With the extension tube, you can reach every inch of your RV. With its washable filters, maintenance is a breeze.

6. DEERMA 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

DEERMA 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner for RV

Handle quick messes and deep cleaning with the DEERMA vacuum cleaner. The secret is the two-in-one design. Use the handheld suction unit to pick up debris from your furniture or dashboard. When you need to vacuum the floors, extend the handle and attach the wider head. The swivel mechanism makes it easy to navigate around a small space with many obstacles. Between uses, this model breaks down into compact pieces for effortless storage.

7. Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5

Oreck Commercial XL Pro 5 RV Vacuum

Are you dealing with limited storage space? The Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 vacuum has your back. This compact model packs in a surprising amount of suction power, so you can clean the entire RV without compromising strength — this 4-amp bypass motor offers more power than many models twice its size. Sling the shoulder strap over your arm for comfort, and attach the hoses and extension wands in a custom configuration to suit any space. With the included 30-foot power cord, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to move around your motorhome.

8. Hoover Windtunnel Air

Hoover Windtunnel Air RV Vacuum

If you have a big rig, you know that cleaning takes time. The Hoover Windtunnel Air makes short work of your space, so you can get back to the fun sooner. How? It features Hoover’s Windtunnel 3 technology, which picks up dirt and debris using three different channels. With the push of a button, you can adjust the head to suit hard floors and carpets.

9. Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1

Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 RV Vacuum

Clean every surface in your RV with the Dirt Devil Vibe. This affordable vacuum uses a three-in-one design to switch from a handheld to a powered brushroll to a hard-floor unit. No matter which you choose, the lightweight frame keeps you comfortable. With its 15-foot power cord, this model strikes the perfect balance between space efficiency and flexibility.

10. Bissell Zing Lightweight

Bissell Zing Lightweight RV Vacuum

When it comes to compact vacuums, the Bissell Zing stands out from the crowd. The heart of this model is the handheld motor unit, which generates an impressive suction power. Hold the handle with one hand, and use the other to move the suction head. With the included extension tube and long wand, you can reach under counters and around obstacles without missing a beat.

Whether you’re living full-time in an RV or simply setting out for the occasional family camping trip, a great vacuum is a must. With a model that’s both compact and powerful, you can maintain a clean and comfortable living environment in your motorhome.

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