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Top 10 Best Gravity Flush RV Toilets

By BRVR Staff
October 2019

This article reviews the top 10 gravity flush RV toilets.

When you’re renovating or repairing an RV, the toilet is a big consideration. After all, it plays a big role in the comfort and convenience of your home on wheels. Since RVs have very limited space, particularly in the bathroom, an ordinary toilet won’t do. Instead, it’s important to choose a toilet that’s specifically engineered for RVs. These models are made to fit in a small space; they also work with the gravity flush waste-disposal system in the RV for efficient flushing. As you’re looking at different toilets, consider the shape you like, the color that suits your bathroom, and whether you want a pedal flush or a hand flush model.

1. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush

Aqua-Magic V Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Enjoy a natural bathroom experience with this Aqua-Magic V RV toilet. It features a high-profile design, so it creates an easier seat. The narrow base saves space in a small RV bathroom, and the convenient pedal-flush system is a breeze to operate. Push the pedal down halfway to allow water to fill the toilet bowl. When you push it again, it flushes with complete coverage. Made from lightweight materials, this toilet doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your RV.

2. Dometic Sanitation Toilet

Dometic Sanitation Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Working with a very small RV bathroom? The Dometic Sanitation 302310083 310 toilet is a convenient choice. The base is small, so you can install it without taking up much of the space on the floor. The ceramic material and full-size top creates the look and feel of a standard toilet, and the slow-close cover reduces noise and protects the toilet. With each flush, this toilet uses just 1 pint of water for efficiency.

3. Thetford Parchment Aqua Magic V Hand Flush

Thetford Parchment Aqua Magic V Hand Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Create a simple flushing experience with this Thetford Parchment Aqua Magic V toilet. It comes with a convenient side lever, so you can control the flush with a quick movement. There’s also a hand sprayer, so you can rinse down the toilet quickly when you want to save water. The high base creates a comfortable seat height for adults, and the textured lid helps water from the shower roll off easily.

4. Aqua-Magic V Toilet

Aqua-Magic V Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Keep your RV bathroom looking fresh with this Aqua-Magic V toilet. It comes in a bright shade of white, so it looks clean and neat. The compact size fits neatly into a tiny space, and the durable lid resists scratches. Use the hand-flush system for easy waste disposal; you can also add a hand sprayer for easier cleaning. The best part? This toilet weighs just 9.4 pounds, so it doesn’t add excess weight to your RV frame.

5. Thetford Aqua Magic Style II

Thetford Aqua Magic Style II Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Create a traditional look in your bathroom with this Thetford Aqua Magic Style II RV toilet. The white finish brightens a dark space, and the curving design looks cool and contemporary. We love the high-profile base, which creates a comfortable seat. Speaking of the seat — it’s antimicrobial, so you don’t have to worry about mold or bacteria growth. The china bowl creates a natural feel, and the integrated pedal allows easy flushing.

6. AW Gravity Flush Toilet

AW Gravity Flush RV Toilet

With its full-size seat and tall height, this AW gravity-flush toilet gives you a normal bathroom experience in your RV. The narrow base fits into a compact floor area, and the pedal that’s mounted on the side makes for effortless flushing. Made from lightweight HDPE materials, this toilet is easy to install. Plus, it’s super-durable, so it lasts for five or more years.

7. VINGLI RV Toilet

VINGLI Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Sleek and contemporary, this VINGLI RV toilet is a beautiful upgrade for your motorhome’s bathroom. This unit stands 20 inches from the ground, making it a comfortable option for adults and kids. Operate your RV’s gravity flush system using the side-mounted pedal; it adds water with a half-push and completes the flush with a full push. The water-saving design helps you make the most of the water in your tank, so you can refill less frequently. Since it’s manufactured from high-density polyethylene, this toilet is both strong and lightweight.

8. Dometic 310 Series

Dometic 310 Series Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Design an elegant RV bathroom with this Dometic 310 Series toilet, which features a curving European-style design. The soft white color looks right at home in a variety of decor styles. We love the power-flush design and the swirling bowl jets, which deliver a powerful rush of water for a complete rinse. This toilet also comes with a hand sprayer for instances when you want to get a custom rinse. With its 18-inch seat, sitting is easy and comfortable.

9. Dometic 300 Series

Dometic 300 Series Gravity Flush RV Toilet

Looking for a low-profile toilet? This Dometic 300 Series has you covered. It’s made with polypropylene, so it’s ultra strong and durable — but still lightweight enough to fit easily in your RV. Best of all, this toilet offers both efficient and effective flushes. That’s thanks to the triple-jet rinser, which uses just a single pint of water with each flush.

10. SSLine RV Toilet

SSLine Gravity Flush RV Toilet

With its high-profile base, this SSLINE RV toilet will make you forget you’re not in the comfort of your home bathroom. The separate seat and lid allow flexible usage, and the crisp white color is a natural fit for any space. We love the full-size seat, which provides ample space for both kids and adults. Plus, with the single-pedal mechanism, you can achieve full-bowl rinsing with a single flush.

A great toilet can go a long way toward creating an RV that’s both convenient and easy to use. By taking the time to choose the right model for your RV and your needs, you can enjoy long camping trips in comfort.

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