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Top 10 Best Sway Control Hitch

By BRVR Staff

April 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best sway control hitches available online.

When you’re towing, it’s not uncommon for your trailer to sway in the wind. This issue is unsettling, but it can also be dangerous — fortunately, a sway control hitch can help. Just as its name suggests, this type of hitch incorporates a special design that distributes the weight of your trailer more evenly. In doing so, it helps level the load and reduces lateral motion, creating a more stable feeling when you’re driving at highway speeds. By replacing your current hitch with a sway-control model, you can enjoy better performance and stay in control in a wide range of conditions.

1. CURT Sway Control Hitch

CURT 17062 MV Sway Control Hitch

If you’re dealing with significant trailer sway, the CURT 17062 MV can help. This hitch uses a special design with an integrated sway bar to distribute the weight of the tongue; at the same time, it levels the connection between your vehicle and your trailer. A built-in lubrication system ensures that each joint can move smoothly and silently, so you don’t hear excess noise as you drive. Use these hitch with trailers up to 10,000 pounds with tongue weights of up to1,000 pounds.

2. SHANK Fastway Sway Control Hitch

SHANK Fastway Sway Control Hitch

Upgrade your towing setup with this 10K RB Fastway E2 hitch. With its two-point configuration, this hitch prevents your trailer from swaying when a larger vehicle passes by. Sway bars are built in to ensure easier installation and operation — that means that you don’t need to remove them when you’re backing up or dealing with winding roads. Keep in mind that this hitch does not come with a ball, so you’ll need to buy it separately.

3. EAZ LIFT Sway Control Hitch

EAZ LIFT 48058 Sway Control Hitch

Do you have a trailer with a tongue weight of 1,000 pounds? The EAZ LIFT 48058 is a great way to improve load stability. This model features a Y-shaped frame that automatically improves weight distribution. The included hitch ball and sway ball come installed for convenience, and the included mounting hardware helps you get on the road in less time. Together, these components deliver a smoother, more comfortable ride.

4. Camco Chem Sway Control Hitch

Camco Chem 48753 Wd Sway Control Hitch Kit

This Camco Chem hitch kit is designed for trailers with a tongue weight of up to 1,200 pounds. Two ultra-tough bars extend out from your vehicle, supporting the weight of your trailer and spreading it out for better stability. Use the adjustable sway control to prevent your trailer from moving sideways on turns and in rough conditions. With its user-friendly design, this hitch installs easily on your truck and trailer.

5. Andersen Sway Control Hitches

Andersen Sway Control Hitch

Do you spend many hours towing a boat, motorhome, or standard trailer? The 3350 sway control hitch from Andersen Hitches can make each trip more comfortable. It’s made with sway control and a motion-dampening system to eliminate bouncing and side-to-side motion and create a smooth ride. The perfectly positioned components operate silently, and the self-adjusting mechanism makes backing up a breeze. Made from heavy-duty materials, this hitch is rated for 16,000 pounds when you use a 2.5-inch rack.

6. EAZ LIFT Screw-On Sway Control

EAZ LIFT Screw-On Sway Control Hitch

If your trailer only sways in certain road conditions, the EAZ LIFT screw-on hitch is a handy option. This model is designed for easy release — that way, you can engage and disengage it as needed. The simple design uses double friction pads for continuous sway control and improved peace of mind. The best part? With its streamlined design, this hitch operates quietly and doesn’t reduce your road clearance. The hitch comes with everything you need for installation, including spring clips, a friction plate, and a chrome tongue ball.

7. Husky 32215 Sway Control Hitch

Husky 32215 Center Line TS with Spring Bars - Sway Control Hitch

The Husky 32215 is designed to spread out the tongue weight and control trailer sway, all in one unit — that way, you’re always in command, even when winds are high. We love the quiet design; it reduces bumps and squeaks, so you can stay focused on the road. Constructed from steel that’s forged and hardened, this hitch is built to last. Use it with trailers that weigh up to 6,000 pounds.

8. Husky 31423 Sway Control Hitch

Husky 31423 Round Bar Weight Distribution Sway Control Hitch

Tow a range of trailers with the Husky 31423; it features a versatile hitch head for flexible loading. Just use the lift brackets for fast connections, and rely on the user-friendly spring bars to fit the hitch head. Once it’s in place, this hitch prevents your trailer from swaying and makes it easier for you to stay in control. Use this hitch with trailers up to 12,000 pounds.

9. Pro Series 49904 Weight Distribution Kit

Pro Series 49904 Weight Distribution Sway Control Hitch

Leave your sway control system in place at all times with the Pro Series 49904. This kit handles weight distribution and cuts back on lateral sway, all in one convenient unit. The cast single-piece head increases stability, and the pre-installed sway control ball makes for easy installation. All of the mounting hardware is included, so you can hit the road in less time.

10. Fastway Sway Control Hitch

Fastway Sway Control Hitch 

Get on the road quickly with this Fastway 10K hitch. It comes with all of the supplies you need to connect a trailer, including a 2 5/16 hitch ball. The handy two-point design delivers permanent sway control; it helps control your trailer when you’re driving down a steep hill, dealing with crosswinds, or taking tight turns. At the same time, it distributes weight to improve your steering ability and boost your confidence.

If you’ve ever dealt with a trailer that sways, you know that it can be a scary experience. By upgrading to a sway-control hitch, you can stabilize and level the load for a controlled drive.

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