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Top 10 Best Tow Mirrors

By BRVR Staff

April 2020

This articles reviews the top 10 best tow mirrors available online.

When you’re towing a RV, trailer, or a boat, one of the first things you’ll notice is the limited viewing area of your existing mirrors — that’s where tow mirrors come in. These are special mirrors that extend farther out from the sides of your truck than traditional models. With this extra length, you can see down the length of your vehicle and the trailer. That way, it’s easier to back up and change lanes safely. As you’re picking a mirror, be sure to check the fit; most models are made for a specific make, model, and date range.

1. AKKON Extending Power Tow Mirrors

Best Tow Mirrors

Cover all of your driving and towing needs with this AKKON power mirror. It’s supported by two telescoping posts; all you need to do is push a button, and they extend outward. Extend them when you’re pulling a trailer, and retract them when you’re not towing. The tall shape creates maximum visibility, and the two panels adjust independently to give you the best possible angle. We love the built-in heating function, which defrosts the glass quickly on cold days.

2. ECCPP Tow Mirrors

ECCPP Tow Mirrors

Do you own a Dodge Ram vehicle that was made between 2009 and 2010? This set of ECCPP tow mirrors might be the right fit. Each one is crafted with a heavy duty ABS shell for durability and integrated heating for easier winter towing. We like the built-in turn signal; it helps other drivers understand when you’re changing lanes. The glass is power-adjustable and the flip-up design gives you a wider field of view when you need it most.

3. GaofeiLTF Towing Mirrors

GaofeiLTF Towing Mirrors

Adjust to towing in seconds with this set of GaofeiLTF mirrors. They’re engineered with a telescoping stem that slides in and out to accommodate different load sizes. The two-panel design gives you a clear view of the road and the underside of your vehicle for safer driving. Each mirror features a turn signal that’s embedded into the glass, so drivers in your blind spots can see them clearly.

4. SCITOO Truck Hood Mirror

SCITOO Truck Hood Mirror

If you drive an International Durastar 4300 truck, hood mirrors can help you see your trailer. That’s where this SCITOO mirror comes in — it’s designed to fit your existing hood mount for easy installation. The large size makes it easy to see, and the square shape reflects a sizable section of the road and your vehicle. Constructed with a simple black housing, this mirror coordinates well with virtually any truck color.

5. LSAILON Tow Mirrors

LSAILON Tow Mirrors

With its thick stem, this LSAILON tow mirror creates a strong, powerful look. The mounting plate is slightly curved, so it fits neatly on Dodge Ram models that were released between 2009 and 2019; check the fitment details for specifics. Each mirror in this pair features a telescoping base that pulls in and out manually and power-adjustable glass panels. A turn signal light is embedded into the case to alert oncoming drivers to your intentions.

6. MOTOOS Towing Mirrors

MOTOOS Towing Mirrors

Get your 2004-2015 Nissan Titan ready for towing with these mirrors from MOTOOS. The first thing you’ll notice about this model is its large, aggressive design — it matches the Titan’s commanding size and styling. The mirror slides in and out on manual telescoping posts and defrosts effortlessly with the built-in heating elements. We like the corner glass, which is specifically positioned to reduce your blind spots. Protect these mirrors when you’re parked by folding them into the side of the vehicle.

7. Aintier Towing Mirrors

Aintier Towing Mirrors

Give your F-150 a more rugged look with this pair of towing mirrors from Aintier. Each one is mounted on two sizable posts; they’re made from tough plastic housings that are designed to hold up under heavy vibrations and rough conditions. A large integrated turn signal gives other drivers plenty of notice when you’re turning. The best part? The simple mounting plate is designed to streamline the installation process.

8. CIPA 11950 Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror

CIPA 11950 Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror

Are you looking for a cheap towing mirror solution? This option from CIPA fits the bill. It clips on the frame of your existing mirror, giving you double the visibility without requiring any structural modifications. This is a great option if you only tow occasionally or if you don’t want to replace your existing mirrors. The clips are universal to ensure quick mounting — plus, you can attach them in minutes without tools or hardware. Adjust the arms to reduce vibration and create the perfect viewing angle.

9. Camco 25653 Universal Clamp-On Towing Mirror

Camco 25653 Universal Clamp-On Towing Mirror

If you don’t tow very often, these towing mirrors from Camco are a budget-friendly option. Each one features two arms and two rubber straps. All you need to do to install them is adjust the arms to the correct size and tighten the rubber straps. The soft material is easy on your mirrors, and the process is quick and easy. With two glass panels per mirror, you’ll have a wide view.

10. Motorup America Dual View Tow Mirror

Motorup America Dual View Tow Mirror

Get the extra visibility you need with this tow mirror from Motorup America. It features a wide rectangular design and two long arms for a convenient extension. The mirror itself features a base that rotates 90 degrees — with a quick movement, you can select the best angle and get on the road. The installation process is easy, thanks to the four clips and adjustable straps. Keep in mind that this mirror is sold individually rather than in a pair.

When you’re pulling a RV, a towing mirror is a must-have safety accessory. With the right fit for your vehicle, you can see clearly and tow with confidence.

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